Review and Giveaway- ADEN by D.B. Reynolds

Title: ADEN ( #7, Vampires In America Series)


 Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Romance

Author: D.B. Reynolds

Publisher: ImaJinn Books, 2013

Source: Free for review from the author

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5+


She was seeking revenge. What she found was a vampire who swept her into the darkest depths of passion.

Chicago, Illinois . . . the windy city. Home to football greats, dinosaurs named Sue, and, when the sun goes down . . . powerful vampires battling for the right to rule the city and beyond.

Born into slavery, Aden is one of the most powerful vampires in North America, waging war on others of his kind in a struggle to become the next Lord of the Midwest. But in the midst of the deadliest fight of his long life, the ghosts of his past have come back to haunt him. Slavery still exists, and Aden is hellbent on destroying it and the vampires who profit from it.

Sidonie Reid is an investigative reporter in pursuit of the biggest story of her career, until that story costs the life of a friend and Sid realizes she has to do much more than write about it. Intent on bringing down the vampires and their slave network, Sid gains entry to the highest levels of vampire society, where she finds herself confronting the raw sexuality that is Aden.

Caught up in a dark passion that neither can resist, Aden and Sidonie join forces, determined to defeat the old regime and everything it stands for. The dangers are beyond calculation, but the ultimate reward is worth the risk. If they survive.


Deet’s review-

 Once again D.B. Reynolds has written a can’t-put-down novel.  When I was introduced to Aden in Ms. Reynolds’ novella HUNTED, I was not sure I would like him when he got his own book.  To me he appeared to be a woman hater and an arrogant, overbearing alpha male.  I’m delighted to say that getting to know Aden in his book has totally changed my mind.  Okay, he’s still arrogant and Alpha but he doesn’t hate women, he was just abused by many.

The plot revolves around the elimination of a slavery ring and the romance of Aden and Sidonie.  There is lust at first sight between our H/h that develops into love as Sidonie earns Aden’s  trust and she proves her affection for Aden. The reader can’t help knowing that these two are meant for each other. There is a side story as Aden battles for the title of Lord of The Midwest.

This book is full of action(violence) and sex, lots of both. There is some mild spanking that is consensual.  D.B. is a master at writing these scenes. The sensuality will take your breath away.

A standalone book but you will really miss out if you don’t read the entire series because this vampire/human world is so skillfully wrought that you may be expecting to see your local vampires the next time you are out at night.

Vampires In America Series:

All paperback books are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, e-books only at Amazon except where noted.

  1. RAPHAEL(Amazon Kindle $2.99)
  6. Betrayed (e-book novella, prequel to LUCAS)
  7. LUCAS-book#6
  8. Hunted (e-book novella available at Amazon and B&N, prequel to ADEN)
  9. ADEN– book#7    
  10. VINCENT (#8- coming in 2014)
  11. Vignettes (an anthology of short fiction set in the      world of Vampires In America, originally published on Ms. Reynolds blog.      E-book available on Amazon for $.99.)

When searching for these books on Amazon, search using

“Vampires In America by D.B. Reynolds” to get a complete list.

Now for the fun! 

D.B. Reynolds is offering for the readers of La DeetDa Reads a signed,  paperback copy of ADEN. Yay!  All you have to do is comment on this post and/or ask D.B. a question.  She will answer all.  See the rules and information below.


1. One entry per reader,please. Only those 18 years of age or older are eligible to enter.

 2. Giveaway is open to USA and International readers

3. Giveaway runs from Dec. 11, 2013 until midnight (EST),  December 15, 2013

4. Winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on this blog on Monday, Dec. 16, 2013

5. Winner will have until midnight Thursday, Dec. 19th to respond with their snail mail address to Deet at If they do not respond a new winner will be chosen, no exceptions.

6. Comments with inappropriate language will be deleted and eliminated from eligibility.

(Note from Deet: Sign up to follow this blog and the winning announcement will come right into your inbox.)

Fine Print:We at La Deetda Reads are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged giveaway items that are sent through the mail (includes USPS, UPS & FedEx) and do not offer replacement items. This also applies when giveaway items are being sent directly from authors/publishers or through a book-selling website. By sending us your name, email address and shipping information, you are authorizing La Deetda Reads to forward that information on to whoever is shipping the giveaway prize. Once a winner is announced that winner has 3 days to send us their shipping information or another winner will be chosen. No exceptions. Giveaways are open to persons 18 years or older. We reserve the right to cancel or end a giveaway without notice.


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35 responses to “Review and Giveaway- ADEN by D.B. Reynolds

  1. heather

    Do you have plans to make your books into a tv series or movie? Thank you for the giveaway.


  2. Vampires in America is the best Vamp series around. Vampires who are dark, dangerous and unapologetic of their desire for blood and power! this is how a Vamp should be written!


  3. Been waiting for this book for a while,p! So happy that it’s finally out!


  4. I am a huge fan of this series. Right after I read Raphael and Cyns book I immediately bought the rest of the series. It’s such a fun, sexy and action filled series. I can’t wait to see whose story is after Vincent’s.
    Will you do a book or novella about any vampire besides a Lord or potential Lord?


  5. Willa

    Congrats on the release of Aden! Such an enjoyable series which has stayed true to it’s course – a rarity amongst series books these days!


  6. Jarrie

    I love, love, love Aden. He has officially taken Lucas’ spot as my second favorite Vampire Lord, behind Raphael of course.
    D.B. You are a gem! I can’t wait for Vincent!


  7. Aden is my first read by D.B. Reynolds. I was lucky enough to get a Net Galley of Aden and absolutely loved it! I’m sure you’ve been asked this a million times, but how did you come up with the idea for the Vampires in America series? Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


    • Thanks, Elizabeth! The idea for my Vampires started with Raphael. I had this idea of a male character who could inspired Alexandra (in RAPHAEL) to absolutely KNOW he would not only save her, but destroy the ones who’d harmed her, and Raphael was the result. Plus I wanted vampires in the classiical tradition, not soul-searching and tormented, but violent and aggressive!


  8. Ellen

    I love this series and look forward to meeting each new vampire. Perhaps because he was the first or maybe because he is the most powerful, Raphael is still my favourite. Is there any chance we will get another full novel with him and Cyn? Perhaps dealing with the European threat?


  9. agnesekohn

    Dbreynolds,you know i love the serie…will you have a story for Anthony?and if it is a yes well i can tell you right now i cant wait to meet him too just like the others and theirs mate…So for now please give a lot of kiss to all my Vamp and hugs to the mates…while i will be waiting for Anthony..Oh tell my Vamp also happy Holidays from a mortal fan… you guys…


  10. Emily

    I fell in love with this series while touring Ireland which put a serious crimp into my reading time. Its great to read a book where the series is leading to something that wraps all of your books together. I hope you write a book on the Southern territory. Thank you for your awesome writing. With the hint of a European invasion, have you considered extending the series to other continents?


  11. I love this series! I am so looking forward to the full-length novel for Cyn & Raphael. What was your inspiration for this series? For me, it has a Mafia kind of feeling with Raphael playing the role of the Godfather.


    • I got tired of reading stories about vampires with tortured souls who hated what they were. I wanted vampires who loved their new lives, who embraced the blood and violence and power of Vampire. One of my majors in university was history, so I patterned my vampires on a feudal system, but I can definitely see how you’d get a Mafia feel. Thank you for loving my Vampires!


  12. Since reading the first book with Raphael and Cyn I have been hooked! The series gets better and better. Did you always think about writing about vampires for the series or did you think about writing another supernatural creator?


    • D. B. Reynolds

      This series was always going to be vampires, and I didn’t want to include all of the other supernatural creatures in this world. Although, there is magic obviously, and we may see a different manifestation of that sometime in the future. 🙂


  13. Janet Rodman

    I love this series and have recommended it to people looking for a new paranormal series. My question is, how many more books can we look forward to in this series?


    • D. B. Reynolds

      Probably 6? LOL That’s just a guess. There’s one more territory to cover, and that’s Mexico. And then the Europeans are coming, so maybe a few more. 🙂


  14. I am new to this series; can I jump in with Aden and then backtrack to the other books? Well, I suppose “jump in with Aden” could be interpreted many ways, but I mean read this book (love it) and then read the others, or do they have to be read in order? I’ve heard so many great things about this series. I like vampires that are not “light” and almost human. Vampires should be bloodsuckers. I hear you stick with the paranormal nature of the creature.


  15. Denise H

    I absolutely love this series. I picked up Raphael on a whim, wanting to try something new, and then ended up reading it and Jabril in a weekend! Raphael will always be my favorite..he’s so strong and powerful, I love that in a vampire. Did you have someone in mind when you wrote his character?


    • D. B. Reynolds

      I didn’t have anyone specific in mind. I just knew I wanted a powerful vampire who could inspire the kind of confidence it took for Alexandra to tell Albin, “He’ll kill you for this.” And to believe it totally.


  16. Sheryl N

    I just want to say that this series is by far one of the best around. It is so hard to put the book down once you have started and you really start to love the vampire lords. I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks


  17. Dottie Meissner

    I have a really renewed interest in reading this series….. Dot S. has really piqued my interest in it for quite awhile…. with winter in full swing already, I am putting this series on my wish list for Christmas. Hopefully, my family will listen and I can curl up with the first one really soon.!


  18. I’m getting behind! I’ve had Lucas since the day it was released and haven’t read it yet. I’ve been going down the mm romance road for some time and I’ve let one of my favorite series get put on the back burner. 😦 So, I’m starting Lucas on Saturday night so I’ll be ready for Aden. 🙂 Raphael is still one of my all-time favorite heroes, regardless of genre.


  19. I have been reading since the beginning. I am not sure what turned me onto you as an author or the series, I can only say I am glad it happened. I have really enjoyed this series. The books hold a place on my book shelf and they are my go-to books when I want to reread. Thanks D.B. for sharing your vampires with us.


  20. Tessa McFionn

    well…where do i even start? aside from, are you looking for a bartender to keep one of your vamps company? 😉 loving your characters and cannot wait for the next one


  21. Di2Quilt

    Once I discovered Raphael, I couldn’t stop reading and re-reading all your books. Vampires In America Series is the best of its genre!


  22. Kim Shepler

    I have read this series several times, including Aden. The characters are true to life and I tend to get lost in their passion and adventures. I honestly can not pick my favourite vampire. Every time I think I know, I change my mind. (Sigh, fan, fan) You have a fan for life! I cannot wait for the next story that you have to tell, please never stop!


  23. Thank you for a wonderful series. I was luck enough to find the series several years ago when you first began. Now when I new book is coming out, I go back and reread the entire series as a special treat for myself while waiting for the new release. I’ve ended up getting all the ebooks to same the wear and tear my paperback versions. Please do not stop the series anytime soon.


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