Merry Christmas From Deet

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Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly what you wanted for Christmas, but it comes from my Deet’s Eats Cookbook and it does get rave reviews by the family and requests all the time for the recipe.  Now this is a microwave recipe, don’t stick your nose up at it, this is EASY and absolutely DELISH.  I promise!!!

Deet’s Microwave Twice Baked Potatoes

Serves 4

Idaho Potatoes (1 potatoe for every 2 servings plus I extra) for 4 servings, you need 3 potatoes.

Microwave the potaotes spoke fashion on a micro turntable with a papertowel beneath them. Cook them 4-5 min for each potato turning them over and around after half the time. Don’t forget to prick the potatoes with a knife.(3 potatoes=12-15 min)

For each whole potato place in a mixing bowl:

1 1/2 T butter , 2 T sour cream, 1/4 t salt, pepper to taste.

When potatoes are cooked, slice them in half length wise and scoop out potato into the mixing bowl with the butter etc. Save the shells, you will only use 4 shells so keep the ones in the best condition.  Beat the potatoes, butter, sour cream, s&p with a hand mixer or potato masher until well mixed.  Fill the empty, saved shells evenly with the mixture.  place on a microwave safe plate, in spoke fashion, top with either some shredded cheddar or chopped parsley pressing lightly into the potatoes.  You can make ahead and refrigerate at this point covered with plastic wrap.  If cooking them right away cover with wax paper, microcook for 30 sec./ potato half, if refrigerated microcook for 1 min/ potato half.




(For more servings just increase all ingredients accordingly up to 8 servings(4potatoes plus 2 extra). you can make more but it will take two or more batches to reheat.)

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