Deet’s Life- The Book Lover’s Journal

I got a new handy-dandy journal for Christmas.  Well, okay, I kinda bought it for myself but I usually love the gifts I give moi. It’s called THE BOOK LOVER’S JOURNAL, and I got it at my local Barnes and Noble store for $14.99 and a 25% off coupon so it only cost a measly $11.24 …yes, it is a bit overpriced but I wanted it (whinning here).  It measures 41/2″x71/2″x3/4″and it is published by Peter Pauper Press ( a total misnomer considering the price)……. here is a photo:


It has pages to log in the books that you read:

book journal log

It has pages for all sorts of information, like titles and info about the book, TBR pages, book club pages, etc.  Here is a photo of the contents page:

book journal contents


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3 responses to “Deet’s Life- The Book Lover’s Journal

  1. Dottie

    Good for you….. you deserve it!! Sounds like just the kind of journal you could really use. Enjoy!!


  2. Love it! I have something similar that I gifted myself also 🙂 It’s handy to have around.


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