Recent Release Review-Jewel of The East by Victoria Vane

Jewel of the EastTitle:  Jewel of the East


 Genre:  Historical Romance/Erotic

Author: Victoria Vane

Publisher: Vane Publications, 2014

Source: Free for review from the author

Rating: 3.5

Sexy Rating: 5+

Description from

Maimed by misfortune… healed by love…
His wounds run deep…Having once lived his life only for larks, laughter, and ladies of easy virtue, Captain Simon Singleton has returned from war a shambles of a man. Although free from six years of captivity, he’s still fettered by fears that confine him to a life of seclusion.

Her scars are well-hidden…Once the crowning jewel of the most lavish brothel in London, the exotic Salime finds her reputation and livelihood destroyed by a bitter rival. With a closely guarded secret stripped away, she fears no man will ever desire her again. Seeking aid from one who once saved her life, Salime accepts a proposition to become a companion to his war-scarred friend.

But love is the eternal cure… When circumstance brings these two damaged souls together, fate ignites a love story worthy of the Arabian Nights.   (Mature content warning)


This is one sexy story so if you are shy about graphic scenes then you are forewarned.  Victoria Vane can write sensual love stories that absolutely combust off the page. This is a standalone novel although reading the others in the Devil DeVere Series will give you a broader background of the characters. I will not repeat the description here, it is well done by the author.

Salime is an accomplished courtesan and Simon is in need of her accomplishments.  Not only in the erotic arts but she is skillful in bringing about Simon’s will to live.  They fall madly in love but Salime realizes that she would be an albatross around the neck of a peer of the realm.  We turn pages quickly to find out how these impossible problems will be solved.

I enjoy Victoria Vanes writing, she is an accomplished story teller.  This book is testament to that fact.  At times, for me, the dialog was a bit melodramatic but it is understandable that she was portraying the depth of devotion that Simon had for the doubting Salime.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy a sensual historical romance.


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