Deet’s Life- Speed Reading or Not


I took a speed reading quiz to see just how fast/slow I was reading.  Well…..I already knew I read slowly because I really like to savor a book and find speeding up just distracts me too much.  What I didn’t realize, and what I discovered by taking the quiz, is that I read faster than a third grader but not quite as fast as an 8th grader. What!  Holy Guacamole!

I am going to bet all of you can beat my score without blinking. Give it a try and then tell me in the comments how well you did.

Go here:



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7 responses to “Deet’s Life- Speed Reading or Not

  1. Dot, worry not because you are way faster than me. Like you I like to savour the books I read but my speed is the same as a 3rd grader! Now I know why I have such a big TBR pile!


  2. Edyta

    Ok first off, that pic is the cutest and funniest ever. I read fast, I think that even though it’s been a bit since I finished school, I’m still in the “hurry up” mode. Also, my reading time is limited, so when I do read- I READ.
    There is something about savouring though. I few weeks back I read Written in Red. I have not read such a great book in a while. I made myself slow down so that I would really really enjoy and absorb. Great UF BTW if you are looking 😉
    Great find Dot. I like amt of time given for the classics at the end. Sadly, some of those I attempted and failed in keeping my eyes open let alone maintain reading speed 😀


    • I looked up your book rec, thanks and I wish listed it. I will read it one of these days when I get the TBR pile in semi-manageable shape. In other words not right away but it’s on my “want” list. So… you read fast…go ahead, rub it in…I wish I could, but it is not gonna happen in this lifetime. I’d get so much more done if I could just get past the 8th grade mark.
      Thanks for stopping in, I’ve been missing you!!!!


  3. Paul Salvagin

    I read at about 5th grade level, and only remember 2/3 of what I read. No wonder I can’t read a book in less than 2 weeks!


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