Deet’s Eats Recipe- Roasted Pork Tenderloin and Hot Dijon Potaoes

This is a yummy  dish That I’m sure you will like if you like surprise flavors.  Let me know if you try it and how you liked it.  It is a big hit in my house.

Roasted Pork Tenderloin & Hot Dijon potatoes

serves 4

2# tiny red potatoes or other potatoes cut to 3/4″ chunks

2- one pound pork tenderloins

6 T olive oil – divided

2 tsp caraway seeds crushed

2 tsp ground coriander or Mac Cormicks Roast Garlic and Herb seasoning ( I’ve used either with success)

2 Tblsp minced onion

1 Tblsp Dijon mustard

2 Tblsp minced fresh parsley or  1 Tblsp dried parsley

2 Tblsp cider vinegar

Beginning ingredients

Oven- 450 preheat

Line a baking sheet with foil and spray lightly with oil spray.

Toss potatoes with 1 Tblsp. olive oil, 1/4 tsp salt & 1/8 tsp pepper in a microwaveable bowl.  Cover and microwave on high until potaoes begin to soften, about 5 min. Stirring after 2 1/2 minutes. Drain in a colander.

Dry prok with a paper towel and rub with 1 Tblsp olive oil, the crushed caraway seeds, the coriander and salt and pepper to taste.  Lay pork in center of prepared baking sheet.  Arrange the potaoes around the pork. Roast for 30 minutes turning pork half way through.

Destined for the oven

In the meantime in a large bowl whisk the vinegar, onion & mustard. Drizzle in the remaining 4 Tblsp of oil while whisking. stir in Parsley and salt and pepper.

Toss potatoes with the dressing and let sit for 5 minutes.  Slice pork in 1/2″ slices. Arange pork on a platter and surround with the potaoes.

(These pictures show that I made a half recipe since it was only my hubby and me for dinner. Yes, okay, I had some leftovers but not much.)

Finished dish

Adapted from America’s Test Kitchens Quick Family Cookbook available on




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7 responses to “Deet’s Eats Recipe- Roasted Pork Tenderloin and Hot Dijon Potaoes

  1. Lovely recipe, the pork and the potatoes look delicious! 🙂


  2. Edyta

    I’m trying those potatoes this weekend! Thanks!


    • Edyta, be sure and let me know how you like them. I’m missing your comments! What are you reading these days.


      • Edyta

        Ok so the potatoes were awesome. I made 2 batches of them, as I made the pork (for my parents as they do not eat tofu). I think the pork was a bit dry as I was trying to make sure it was done and do not have experience with any meat. They all said it was good. I loved the potatoes that I had. Delicious. Will make them again.
        I read your blog on my phone and commenting is on it is really annoying since the latest update :(. I just finished A Vintage Affair which was not great at all. Very chick lit. Now I am reading The Farm by T R Smith. It is a bookclub pick and so far it’s good. I got the Romain title you reviewed recently. I will give it a go after I finish this one. I have to broaden my HR horizons 🙂


        • I’m so glad you liked the potatoes. They are super easy with the microwave head start. I do believe I panned the Vintage Affair book but liked the Theresa Romain book. It’s good to hear from you, especially since it seems difficult on your phone. 🙂


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