Deet’s Life- Miss Muffet…er…Deet’s Tuffet

I can do other things, yes, I can.  I made this tuffet awhile ago because …well just because.  It is still a favorite piece on my sun porch and I thought maybe you would like to see the process of it’s birth.  Don’t worry, it isn’t too graphic.

First I had to hunt up the foam, fabric and feet.  You would think the fancy feet would be the hard part but the internet helped me with those.  The hard part was getting the foam.  I had to settle for a thinner thickness and glue two thicknesses together to get the right size. then I cut it to shape with an electric knife.

tuffet foam hot glued together to 6in.thick




Hubby cut me a piece of plywood the right size and I attached the feet that I had painted with a design.  Later when the tuffet was finished I painted tiny, 3-D bees and glued them onto the feet also.

Bees on Tuffet feet


feet attached to base

measuring out batting and fabric


batting and fabric stapled to rim of base



The grand finale-  Dot’s Sunporch Tuffet— Now it’s the perfect place to read.

tuffet view





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4 responses to “Deet’s Life- Miss Muffet…er…Deet’s Tuffet

  1. You are very talented, Dot. I’m a reasonable cook but that’s about my limit.


    • Thanks, Carol, I do like to cook but I’m not always good at it. I especially like creative projects especially when I see something for hundreds of dollars that I think I can knock off for lots less. It’s a challenge that doesn’t always pan out the way I envisioned. Rather like my cooking. 🙂


      • My husband’s the creative one in our family. He is in the process of building a model railway (Southern Pacific) and, for someone who generally doesn’t have much patience, he can make the most intricate models.


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