Recent Release Review-The Private Affairs of Lady Jane Fielding by Viveka Portman

Title: The Private Affairs of Lady Jane Portman

The Private affairs of Lady Jane Fielding

 Genre:  Erotic Historical Romance (Novella)

Author: Viveka Portman

Publisher:  Harlequin, Austrailia, June 1, 2014

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5+

Description from

In the world of Regency England, only one thing matters — the begetting of an heir…

There is one fact I cannot hide nor deny. I have borne my husband no sons…

When Lord Jacob Fielding suffers a traumatic injury denying him more children, it devastates both his present and his future. He and his wife Jane have only daughters, and the brother in line to inherit his title and lands is a disgusting reprobate, a man who should never have power over anyone.

In desperation, Lord Fielding formulates a wicked plan. He invites his distant cousin Matthew to come and share their home…and possibly more. Jane is shocked, but cannot deny her curiosity. She loves her husband, and their situation is desperate, and Matthew is a kind, gentle, attractive man. But what can this situation bring, but tension and jealousy?

Emotions and libidos run high as the Fielding men search for a way to satisfy the need for an heir, their own lusts, and, most importantly, the desires of Lady Jane, before time runs out.


Again Ms Portman gives us a sexy look at Regency mores. She has an uncanny way of lifting us from the 21st century and dropping us smack dab in 1813. Her dialog is spot-on believable for the era; the struggles that her characters have with moral issues is realistic and the sex scenes are scorching.

This is an erotic novella with a Ménage including Lady Jane, Lord Jacob and Matthew. There is also a rape scene. If these aspects trouble you then I may suggest that you pass this one by. However you will be missing some very fine writing if you do.



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