Huge Library Book Sale 2014


Yay! It’s that time of year again when the “Friends” at Adriance Memorial Libray in Poughkeepsie, NY have their annual book sale blow out.  I know, you’re thinking how great can a used book sale really be.  Well this one was held in an empty, Stop n Shop supermarket and it filled the entire store.  Here take a look…I’m not all the way to the rear of the store, about half way back and facing the front to take the picture.

Library book sale 001

And here is another view to my right…

Library book sale 002

I scored 15 mass market paperbacks for $7.50 and a $.50 donation.  Here are my books, shoes and bathrobe …

best of my books

Bathrobe? You went to the book sale in a bathrobe???? No, Silly, I got caught in a downpour of rain leaving the sale, running to my car.  I peeled off my soaking wet clothes when I got in the house and donned my bathrobe.  Lucky for me I took a waterproof tote bag to carry the books.

P.S.- The sale runs through June 17th at the Stop n Shop on St. Andrews Road, Hyde Park, NY.  If you are in the northeast it is worth the trip from anywhere.




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3 responses to “Huge Library Book Sale 2014

  1. I love going to library book sales! I can always find something that I fancy and it makes me happy to buy it secondhand from the library. Though I’ve never seen one this huge 🙂 I wish I was in NY to take a look, and I spy you got some really good titles, Deet 🙂 Enjoy your reads!


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Lady M.M., I too love the Library sales and I’m always especially happy to find OOP books. I wasn’t so lucky in that pursuit this time. I was also on the prowl for Lorraine Heath’s backlist and I didn’t see any at the sale.:-( I did find a book by my new favorite contemporary author Kristan Higgins, Yay!


    • I love them too. If you can find any author’s backlist at a library sale, then you’re most definitely luckier than me, I feel good if I can find one book from any of my favorite authors heh. Hope you can find what you’re looking for next time. Ps, I’m keeping Kristan Higgins in mind 🙂


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