Review- Lady Wild by Maire Claremont

Title:  Lady Wild: A Wicked Games Novella

Lady Wild

 Genre:  Historical Romance/Victorian

Author: Maire Claremont

Publisher: Bard Productions, May 2014

Source:  Purchase, Kindle

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Victorian England is about to go wild… Lady Ophelia longs to be daring and bold, but her mother’s illness has stolen her creative fire. Condemned to an isolated country cottage after the death of her idealistic father, she and her mother are forsaken by family and all of society. Disappointed by those she once trusted, Lady Ophelia lovingly nurses her mother knowing that her own dreams of being an artist will never be realized. That is until she meets a devilish aristocrat who reawakens her desire to be wild. Viscount Stark has never known love. Reputed to be a rebel and a rake by all, at heart he is anything but. When he meets Lady Ophelia, he is struck by her haunting presence. Will he continue to play his wicked games and risk ruining the last of Lady Ophelia’s wounded heart? Or will he dare to be the gentleman he always wanted to be and find a love he never thought possible?


I jumped at buying this Kindle e-book because I had read only one other novella by Ms. Claremont and I had liked it…a lot.  Well now, after this delightful book, I will be on a mission to read all of Ms. Claremont’s backlist.

As other avid Historical Romance readers will attest, after hundreds of romance stories it is difficult to come up with an original premise or plot, that is where this story shines like a new sun.  Oh yes, we have a tortured hero and an equally tortured heroine but the methods that they go about to save each other are original and most welcome to this reader.  Of course they couldn’t have managed if it were not for Lady Ophelia’s mother’s intervention.  She was a wise and loving woman.

I highly recommend this book and also my first introduction to Maire Claremont in ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A DUKE (a co authored anthology with Delilah Marvelle).



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4 responses to “Review- Lady Wild by Maire Claremont

  1. After reading all Maire’s books, she is on my auto-buy list. I am so pleased you intend to read her Mad Passions series. She has brought originality to the historical romance genre and I love the darker tone of her books.


  2. After your review Dot I am going to have to read this book. Lady Wild sounds very good and I think something that I would enjoy.


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