Deet’s Condo Renovation- weekend #2 update

The new laminate floors are installed, we got them from Lumber Liquidators and had their installers lay them.  The color is Delaware Bay Driftwood a gray/brown color.  We also have a new central air conditioning system, Lennox from Home Depot.  The movers delivered our furniture from storage on Friday. Remember what the before pictures looked like last Sunday?  Here is a link to that post Deet’s Condo Renovation

In these photos you can see the new floors and also the chaos that we are still trying to get straightened out.  More to come in the weeks ahead.

Condo Reno 2 006

Condo Reno 2 014

Condo Reno 2 012

Condo Reno 2 010


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2 responses to “Deet’s Condo Renovation- weekend #2 update

  1. Marietta Colitre

    Hi guys, this is leigh; marietta is watching TV on sunday morning ….

    great to see paul working (i checked your previous post)!!

    your new place looks great; i see you have the chairs positioned for the nexy installment of survivor ….

    our thoughts are with julia tepper.  please give our best to the fausts when you see them.

    be sure to tell marietta what you think of florida in the summer.

    love to all,     leigh


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