Regency Era Modes of Transportation

Regency Era Transportation

I read quite a few Regency Era romance novels.  There is always a mention of a horse drawn coach or carriage in every book, since these were the typical mode of transportation for the gentry and aristocracy.  The poor folks had to rely on walking.  Instead of wondering about what these vehicles looked like, I did a little research and thought perhaps you would like to see what they looked like also.  I got these pictures from Google Images and Bing Images, any errors I’m dumping at their feet. 🙂

Phaeton– This one was very popular with the rakish fellas because it was so high, a ladder was often needed to get onto the seat,  and it got them noticed.  It also was dangerous, it could easily tip over, that made it attractive to the daredevils.  There was no side protection so mud splatters were to be expected. carriage phaeton

Curricle– Another fashionable carriage for the gentleman.  It was light weight and speedy.carriage curricle

Barouche– A popular summer carriage for the wealthy. It had a hood over one of the seats.carriage barouche

Landau– This one came in at the end of the Regency Era.  It was expensive and very showy, perfect for being seen in the park. (although to my mind not as elegant as the Barouche)Carriage CLassicLandau1


Town Coach– Similar to a Landau but with a hard roof.  It was also called a ‘Closed Carriage”.  The nobility often put their coat of arms on the door.carriage Town coach

Mail Coach– this needs little explanation.  It traveled the roads delivering the mail across England and those who wished to travel  from one place to another could purchase a seat.carriage mail coach

 Dog Cart– It was not a cart pulled by dogs.  It was a carriage used on estates that could hold the hunting dogs being transported to a hunt.carriage dog cart

Hackney Coach– The taxi cab of London in the 1800’s.carriage Hackney-coach,_about_1800



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6 responses to “Regency Era Modes of Transportation

  1. Thank you for the article, Dot. I always get the modes of transport mixed up when I’m reading. Now, I simply have to refer to your post. 🙂


  2. Great pictures of the transportation back then Dot. I had a general idea of what a lot of them were like but now its clear. Now with my next regency romance I can picture what they are traveling in.


  3. Marietta Colitre

    Loved your post:    the mechanics were interesting and the photos fun.

    question:   wonder which one(s) were best for Regency canoodling ???   my guess is one of the enclosed ones.

    DON’T say it never happened !!     Cheers to you & Paul   lsc 


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