Review- A Kiss For Luck by Grace Burrowes

Title: A Kiss For Luck (Sweetest Kisses Series)

A Kiss for Luck

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Novella

Author: Grace Burrowes

Publisher: Grace Burrowes

Source: purchase

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description :

Sadie Delacourt was new to Damson Valley but she didn’t expect the welcoming committee to be a huge, black mastiff/Rottweiler but what came shortly after was the dog’s handsome owner, Gideon Granville. Gideon is a lawyer turned private investigator and Sadie is a game designer. They live in the same building and an instant attraction develops but when Sadie’s nephew and sister are threatened, Gideon goes above and beyond to give her help.


This is the second novella prequel to Grace Burrowes’ contemproray romance series, Sweetest Kisses. The first novella is KISS AND TELL which I reviewed on Monday, Dec. 29, 2014. Both of these novellas are well written by an author who is intimately familiar with the family court system. We lay persons are given a look at how lawyers and investigators work which is interesting, but Ms Burrowes is also extremely adept at writing romance, heart pounding and breathtaking romance. We are introduced to the protagonists of the full novel series, the Knightly brothers, all lawyers working together. Mac is a criminal Lawyer, Trent deals with family law and James contract law.   I look forward to reading this series. I highly recommend the prequel novellas. They are highly entertaining and whet the appetite for the novels to come.

In an aside: Grace is releasing these novels one a month over the first three months of the year so you won’t have to wait but one month for the next book. YAY!!! (Look for my review of the first book, A SINGLE KISS, coming soon.)



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