Recent Release Review- Perdita by Hilary Scharper

Title: Perdita


Genre: Eco-Gothic

Author: Hilary Scharper

Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark. Jan. 20 2015

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 3

Description from

Marged Brice is 134 years old. She’d be ready to go, if it wasn’t for Perdita . . .

The Georgian Bay lighthouse’s single eye keeps watch over storm and calm, and Marged grew up in its shadow, learning the language of the wind and the trees. There’s blustery beauty there, where sea and sky incite each other to mischief… or worse…

Garth Hellyer of the Longevity Project doesn’t believe Marged was a girl coming of age in the 1890s, but reading her diaries in the same wild and unpredictable location where she wrote them might be enough to cast doubt on his common sense.

Everyone knows about death. It’s life that’s much more mysterious…


This is a novel about love, mythology, nature and beliefs. This novel is set in the present but also takes us into the past through Marged’s diaries. Marged claims to be 134 years old but Garth, Professor and interviewer for The Longevity Project, can’t believe she could be that old. Marged gives him her diaries to try and convince him. Through the fascinating diaries we are introduced to mythology that seems to manifest itself, the romantic yearnings of a young woman and a sincere appreciation of the nature and power of the waters, trees on the shore and winds of the Georgian Bay.

This is a novel of enigmatic and intelligent prose that will sweep you and the protagonist into the swirling cocophony of emotions. Marged is in tune with nature to the point of conjuring mythological beings but is down to earth enough to fall in love with a man who thinks he should love elsewhere. I kept turning pages to discover all the secrets and solve the mysteries and find out if Miss Marged Brice ever found love.


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