Release Day Review- Surrender by Violetta Rand

Title: Surrender


Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Erotic

Author: Violetta Rand

Publisher: Loveswept, Jan 27, 2015

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 3

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Fans of Abbi Glines will adore Violetta Rand’s novels about strong-willed women who must fight to survive—and the men who love them. Welcome to the Devil’s Den, a Texas strip club where the air is heavy with desire . . . and sometimes dreams come true.   Ever since her mother kicked her out, twenty-year-old Robyn Gonzalez has been working the poles at the Devil’s Den, saving up to finish college and travel the world. With only her wits and her gorgeous body to rely on, Robyn has learned to be independent—fiercely independent. She’s never been tempted to let a man distract her from her dreams . . . until she meets the dead-sexy Garrick Dempsey.   The club’s new head of security, Garrick had walked away from a career as a mechanical engineer to return to his roots in Corpus Christi. He hadn’t planned on getting to know someone like Robyn, with her sinfully sweet combination of vulnerability and strength, at the Devil’s Den. She acts tough, but only because she’s been hurt. Soon Garrick knows he will do anything to win Robyn’s trust. And if that means surrendering to the red-hot chemistry between them, all the better.


Oh so many mixed feelings about this book. That means it is a good read since it evokes all kinds of feelings. First off we have the gorgeous Robyn who comes from a seriously dysfunctional family which partly explains her choice in working as a stripper in a strip club. Then we have gorgeous Garrick who has abandoned his job as an engineer on an oil rig to become head of security at the club. They don’t meet there, at the club, they meet when one midnight she is being chased down a beach, he is fishing and saves her from the bad guy who, by the way, keeps turning up like a bad penny.

The story line in this one is good, can a “bad” girl, stripper find happiness with a main-stream kind of guy while all manner of violence and mayhem seems to surround her. Violetta Rand portrays Robyn as a “good” girl at heart; she is a virgin, she does not do drugs like so many of her co-strippers, she is working her way through college (okay that last part was a bit cliché but it helps define our heroine). She is also under twenty-one and technically too young to be doing her job. Now Garrick is one Alpha good-guy, a mechanical engineer tired of working the oil rig and taking a job that, seems to me, is beneath him. He is wealthy and throws his money around but really doesn’t seem to do it to impress just to get what he wants. Both of these characters are sympathetic even if at times Robyn seems a bit misguided and needs a reality check.

Ms Rand kept me reading and turning pages, always a mark of a good read. But I was frustrated by the first person narrative of both protagonists that went back and forth so that I, very often, did not know who was speaking. I really wish that there had been Chapter and section titles naming the speaker.

I recommend this book with the reservations that I have mentioned.

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One response to “Release Day Review- Surrender by Violetta Rand

  1. Thank you for reading/reviewing my debut Deetda–I’m happy the pages kept turning. 🙂


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