Review- Intertwine by Nichole Van

Title: Intertwine (House of Oak, book #1)


 Genre: Time Travel Romance

Author: Nichole Van

Publisher: Fiorensa, Feb. 2014

Source: Purchase, Kindle $.99

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 4

Description from

Time is not a river. It is a vast cosmic sea. Where each life exists as rippling circles on its surface, past and future being eternally present. And occasionally, one expanding ring intertwines with that of another, weaving the lives of two people together. . . .

In 2012, Emme Wilde can’t find the right guy. She wants to feel that swept-off-your-feet dizziness of true love. But so far, her dating life has come up short. Star Trek geek? Nice but too serious. Hippy artist? Cute but too vulnerable. Instead, Emme obsesses over the portrait of an unknown man in an old locket. Granted, a seriously dreamy guy with delicious, wind-swept hair she just itches to run her fingers through. But still. Dead men may be great listeners, but they are not exactly boyfriend material. Emme travels to England, determined to uncover his history and conquer the strong connection she feels.

In 1812, James Knight has given up finding the right woman. All he wants is someone to share his love of adventure. Instead, his life has become a Shakespearean drama. His brother languishes in a tragic star-crossed romance. His beloved sister clings to life, slowly dying of consumption. But then he finds a beautiful mystery woman, dripping wet and half-dead, beneath a tree on his estate. Now if he can uncover her history, perhaps adventure–and romance–will find him at last.


Yummy! Yummy! Oh yes, yes, yes. You know that feeling when you want a book in a certain genre to just justify all the “okay” books you’ve read in your search for the “good” one? I love Time Travel stories; well, I wanted to love them. The whole idea intrigues me but I’ve rarely come across a really well written one. The ones I read were of the Not-Bad or Okay variety. This is the one I’ve been looking for and it is the first book in the series!! Yay!

Emme and James are meant for each other but how to get them together and keep them together is the question and Nichole Van does a superb job of a perfectly nuanced and well-constructed plot. The sexual tension is sizzling. The romance sublime. This is a true love story.

The side characters are also well drawn and fleshed out and several will have their own book in the series. I can’t wait to read more.

The House of Oak series:

  1. Intertwine (Emme and James)
  2. Divine        (Gerogiana and Sebastian) Nov. 2014
  3. Clandestine (Marc and Kit) Spring 2015
  4. Refine        (Linwood and Jasmine) Summer 2015




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4 responses to “Review- Intertwine by Nichole Van

  1. I know what you mean Dot with time travel books. I want to love the book but every time I read one with time travel its okay or just not that good. Intertwine sounds like one that I would enjoy.


  2. Sounds so good! I love this genre too!


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