Review- Flying by Megan Hart

Title: Flying


Genre: Erotic Romance

Author: Megan Hart

Publisher: Harlequin MIRA, April, 2014

Source: Purchase

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Ever hear of wanderlust?

Every other weekend, Stella buys a ticket on the next flight out of town and leaves her life behind. Home is a place with too many memories, and departure is the sweetest possible distraction.

As soon as she arrives at her destination, Stella visits the airport bar. She orders a drink and waits for the right guy to come along. A bored businessman, a backpacker, a baggage handler just off shift. If he’s into a hot, no-strings hookup, he’s perfect. Each time is a thrilling escape from reality that gives the term layover a whole new meaning.

When Stella meets the enigmatic Matthew in Chicago one weekend, she hits some serious turbulence. Something about him tells her she’s not the only one running from the past. The connection between them is explosive, and for the first time, one taste is not enough for Stella. But returning to find a gorgeous man waiting for her is the easy part—facing the reason she’s there is a whole other matter….


If you are expecting just a light, no thoughts involved, sexy read then you will be disappointed. You will start reading expecting Stella to be some half-witted slut out for a good time but all that will change as you learn about her and her story. And her story will snag you in the heart as you come to understand and sympathize with her lot in life. So, no, this is not just about some slut who trolls airport bars looking for a one-night-stand. It is about a woman who is a mother, an ex-wife, a broken human who we hope can be made whole. I highly recommend this elegantly written, sexually explicit, deeply moving book.


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