Kindle Sale- The Rake by Mary Jo Putney $1.99

The Rake

Today this Historical Romance is on sale for $1.99 at Kindle

My 4-star review from 2012:

Both protagonists have scandalous pasts that they are trying to overcome.  This is one of the first books written by Mary Jo Putney and the book is so overwhelmingly realistic that I’m sure she was channeling a member of the aristocracy of that era.  Her scenes are vivid and the emotions of her hero and heroine are heartfelt.  The author skillfully draws us into their lives so that pages of this book turn swiftly for we must find out their fates.

This is a long book, 396 pages, and I do think it could have been a bit shorter but then I wouldn’t want to be the one to edit out one word of copy.  I enjoyed this book and recommend it.  It is a reprint of an earlier published work so you may want to look for the original.


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