My 4 year Blogaversary and Thoughts on the Romance Genre Reader

blogaversary 4yrs

Happy 4 year Blogaversary to Me

Obviously you all know I lean heavily toward reading Historical Romance.  I do read other romance sub-genres from time to time and enjoy those also.  That got me thinking about the Romance book reading public in general and I found this chart prepared by the author of DANGEROUS BOOKS FOR GIRLS from information from The Romance Writers of America.

romancenovelreader What particularly caught my attention on this chart, “The Story is the #1 factor in a reader’s purchasing decision”.  In my personal experience that is probably true when it comes to a new-to-me author.  But if it is one of my much-loved authors, I only have to know they have a new book and I grab it. I used to think I wasn’t influenced by cover art but I discovered over and over that is not true.  Several favorite authors have some really rank cover art but fabulous stories and I cringe every time and can’t help thinking they would sell more books if they improved the covers.  Here are Two particularly impressive covers from previous posts. Now if all the publishers could get the models to emote like that then sales would sky rocket.

Chained By Night

This guy looks not happy at all that he’s been interrupted.  And our next guy is all arrogant smerkiness.

The Art of Sinning 3

Do you fall into the categories on this chart? I hit many and miss a few. I am female, I am not between 30-54, I live in the South, My income is not up for discussion at this time (when it totally runs out we can start a collection), I do live with my spouse, I did not read Romance for the first time until I was in my 30’s, yes I read romance for all the reasons listed and because I’m fascinated with historical eras, yes I am a feminist, yes I acquire romance books more than once a month.

Let me know in the comments if you agree with the chart or take issue with any findings. It’s my Blogaversary so give me a treat and comment. 🙂




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14 responses to “My 4 year Blogaversary and Thoughts on the Romance Genre Reader

  1. conniefischer

    Happy Blogaversary to you, Dot! Congratulations on your amazing efforts. I could never keep up with this as well as you!!

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  2. What intrigues me is that 16% male readership. I think lots of guys would enjoy romance novels if they gave them a chance. I’m kind of surprised they’re not being targeted more aggressively by the publishers.

    I didn’t start reading romance until my mid-30s, and lately I’ve gravitated more to urban fantasy than the standard romance formula. I like romance, but not as THE dominate plot point. I think that’s where traditional romance lost me. Still, it’s always a treat to sit down with a novel.

    Congrats on four years, Dot! That’s quite a milestone. Keep spreading the book love.

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    • Rebecca, thanks for the good wishes. I hope you are reading Carolyn Cranes “Associates Series” really top notch, I think you will like it.


      • Oooh, my bad, I have not been keeping up on Carolyn’s work. I liked her first trilogy, the Disillusionists, but I haven’t read anything else. I will check it out. I read so few novels these days, only about two a month, so I’m seriously behind the times. 🙂

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  3. Edyta

    Congrats Dot,

    I’ve not been commenting much but read all your posts!!! My latest Dot-induced purchase is The Highwayman. I’ve read J. James before and liked her.
    I definitly started reading romance in my teens, live with a man-boy (not in the South 😉 ) and am in my mid thirties.
    My reading lately is all over the genres. I rarely read 2 books in a row from the same “shelf”.

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    • Hi Edyta,
      did you see in the comments Rebecca stopped by? Feels like old home week. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying Judith James, Joanna Bourne is another you might like, have you red her?


      • Edyta

        I did see that. How cool is it to hear from her ;).
        I did read Bourne, but she’s hit and miss for me. I loved Black Hawk but really disliked one of hers (title escapes me right now). I’m in the middle of the new Kearsley currently. It’s only meh for me. For me this one and The Firebird are not in the same league as TRG or the incredible TWS.


  4. dbreynolds

    Happy Blogaversary, Dot! I didn’t start reading romance until my 20’s, and then it was by accident. I bought the book because it was a paranormal; I never knew before then that there was such a thing as paranormal romance.

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    • Hi Donna, My intro to romance was one of the Kathleen Woodiwiss historicals given to me by my sister Jo. Then I got on a thriller kick and didn’t even discover romance of any sub-genre until my granddaughter made me read the Twilight series. Then I was all about PNR until Rebecca of the blog “Dirty Sexy Books” turned me on to Historicals. Now I’m still reading all over the sub-genre chart of Romance books.


  5. Dottie M

    Is it four years already?/ Congratulations….. I don’t know how you keep it up, with little surprise changes every once in a while!!

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  6. Happy 4 year Blogaversary to you, Dot!

    I too fall into a few categories but not others. I am female but not between 30 and 54. I live in Wales which in the western part of the UK. I’m retired and that’s all I’m saying. I live with my husband. I read a little Romance in my teens but didn’t truly discover it until I was in my late forties. I read it for all the reasons mentioned and I love history as well. I would consider myself a feminist. I often buy books more than once a month. If it is a new-to-me author then the story would be important when considering buying a book. When it comes to my favourite authors, their books would be auto-buys for me.

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