Recent Release Review-Never Resist A Rake by Mia Marlowe

Title: Never Resist A Rake (Somerfield Park, book #2)

Never Resist A Rake

Genre: Historical Romance, Regency

Author: Mia Marlowe

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca, June 2, 2015

Pages: 384

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 2

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Can he fool his new family? John Fitzhugh Barrett, surprised to learn he is heir to a marquessate, is determined his new status won’t mean giving up his freedom. But as families from all over England descend upon Somerfield Park for the shooting season, their unmarried daughters are lining up to bag the newest trophy buck-him.

Or is he only fooling himself? John’s instinct for self-preservation inspires him to divide his attentions between a scandalous young widow, and the safely ineligible Rebecca Kearsey, daughter of a destitute baron.

The charade gives John the illusion of controlling the game but when he loses his heart to the beautiful Rebecca, all bets are off.


I cannot tell a lie! I really liked the first book in this series. I found it near impossible to finish this one. Not a bit of it felt like the regency era except maybe the carriage rides. The heroine was supposed to be a proper young lady but continually delved into compromising situations. She was to instruct the hero in properly comporting himself when she continued to be improper. Although I can look away when there are some discrepancies in the manners of the time period, there were so many that they ruined the story for me.



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2 responses to “Recent Release Review-Never Resist A Rake by Mia Marlowe

  1. Ah, so you had a similar reaction to me in the end. 😦 I wonder at what point historical romance will become so anachronistic that authors go the other way and start being strict with the social rules again…

    I just reread Pride and Prejudice, so I have high standards now!

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    • I find this lack of respect for the Era (no matter what era) to be very annoying and more and more so as I read more and understand the society of the time and place. This one was the straw that broke this reviewer’s back. I do second guess myself and wonder if I’m being too harsh and maybe there is room for drivel but then I read a book that is careful about the era’s mores, etc. and I know I’m correct.

      P&P is always worth a reread.


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