Review- A Lady’s Guide To Skirting Scandal: A Short Story by Kelly Bowen

Title:  A Lady’s Guide To Skirting Scandal: A Short Story (The Lords of Worth)

A Lady's Guide to skirting scandal

Genre: Historical romance

Author: Kelly Bowen

Publisher: Forever Yours, Aug 4, 2015

Pages: 90

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Lady Viola Hextall is bored – of the sea, her chaperones, and the woeful lack of available dukes on the ocean voyage from London to New York. Scrambling for any diversion short of jumping overboard, Viola strikes up a conversation with the ship’s rough-hewn, blue-eyed surgeon – and discovers an immediate cure for what ails her… To Nathaniel Shaw, Viola has the bearing of a lady and the spirit of an adventurer – an unlikely combination that he finds utterly irresistible. So he’s hoping to convince Viola to leave the stifling ballrooms of London high society behind because there is a big, wide world just waiting for them to explore – together.


We met Viola once before in an earlier book when she tried to compromise the Duke of Worth into marriage.  It was a failed attempt and Viola’s brother sent her packing on one of his ships to New York along with 2 irascible chaperones and a request of the ship’s surgeon, Nathaniel, to look out for her. Viola finds out she has an interest in medicine and Nathaniel finds out he has an interest in Viola.

This is a charming short story a lovely, sexy, quick read for an afternoon or evening.  Ms. Bowen does a superb job of bringing these characters to life in such a short piece.  This is part of a wonderful series and I highly recommend the series as well as this short story.



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