Advance Review- Some Like It Scot by Susanne Enoch

Title:  Some Like it Scot (Scandalous Highlanders, book #4)

Some Like it Scot

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Susanne Enoch

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, October 6, 2015 (preorder available)

Pages: 368

Source: free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from


Nineteenth-century, Scotland:

When a mad lass in trousers shoots at him, Munro “Bear” MacLawry isn’t sure what impresses him more-the girl’s sure aim or her irresistibly tempting curves. Catriona MacColl has fled to the Highlands with her half-sister to escape an unwanted wedding, and wants no part of him, nor any man. But he can’t abandon the flame-haired, sharp-tongued wildcat now that he’s discovered her-not when she fits so perfectly in his arms…


Munro has more than earned his nickname-he’s a well-muscled, well-favored mountain of a man with an engaging bad-boy grin and a string of well-satisfied lasses behind him. Bringing Catriona food, blankets, candles, everything she needs to survive a winter in an abandoned abbey, Munro is an unexpected gift in her reckless bid for freedom-and an unexpected complication. Clan MacDonald has plans for her, and they don’t include her falling for a MacLawry. But this man makes her feel like a woman-and he may be her one chance to live a life about which she’s only dared dream…


If you have read the previous books in this series then, like me, you have been anxiously waiting for “Bears” story. He has been the big oaf in the other books where the family relies on his brawn but they don’t give him much credit in the reasonable thinking department. However this is how Bear wants it with the family but he shows his intelligent nature to Catriona and his ability to solve family problems where no one expects it of him. You certainly don’t need to have read the previous books to enjoy this one. Ms. Enoch peppers this book with all of the MaArrcLawry family and their children (bairns) and does a good job of bringing the reader up to speed.

I loved this addition to the series. I stayed up until 4am to finish reading it I was so entranced with the story. The writing is top-notch from an accomplished storyteller. The protagonists are so well suited for each other and so sublimely sensual with those heated encounters. The bad guy isn’t quite as bad as I usually like him to be, but he holds his own and is integral to the story. The side characters carry through their personalities into this book which makes it a delight for series readers.

If you want a can’t-put-down novel then this is your book. Read the series it is a winner.

Scandalous Highlanders Series

  1. The Devil Wears Kilts (Ranulf MacLawry & Charlotte Hanover)
  2. Rogue With A Brogue (Arran MacLawry & Mary Campbell)
  3. Mad, Bad and Dangerous In Plaid ( Rowena MacLawry & Lachlan Mac Tier)
  4. Some Like It Scot (Munro “Bear” MacLawry & Catriona MacDonald)


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  1. Another book to add to my even-more-out-of-of-control wish list!

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