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Advance review- The Irresistible Rogue by Valerie Bowman

Title:  The Irresistible Rogue (Playful Brides, #4)

The Irresistable Rogue

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Valerie Bowman

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks, Nov. 3, 2015 (pre-order available)

Pages: 351

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

A PROPOSAL FROM A SCOUNDREL Daphne Swift has not laid eyes on her devilishly charming husband, Captain Rafferty Cavendish, in quite some time. As a matter of fact, she wants the rogue to annul their brief marriage so that she can marry the reliable and estimable Lord Fitzwell. But the breathtakingly handsome Rafe is not interested in letting Daphne go-at least not without paying his scandalous price…

THE SEDUCTION OF HIS WIFE Rafe prefers to face the dangers of spying alone, but this time he needs his innocent, fiery wife to uncover the information he seeks. He has even agreed to release her from their marriage if she submits completely to his plan. However, Daphne’s alluring combination of courage and curves makes her a dangerous distraction, and it is not long before Rafe is trading subterfuge for seduction in order to prove that Daphne is meant to be his and his alone…


This is the fourth book in the Playful Brides Series.  It is a standalone although it has characters from previous books peppering the plot.  I think you will enjoy this one more if you read the preceding books but this is a delight even if it is the first you pick up.

Daphne is married in name only to Rafe.  She wants to make a good match with Lord Fitzwell but Rafe needs her help with another spy mission.  Of course throwing the two together on a mission means adventure, action, near death and way too much time together. One thing leads to another and there are hilarious moments as well as sexy encounters.  Daphne’s young cousin, Delilah, is a precocious twelve year old who adds delightful humor to the story.

There is some fast and loose playing with actual Regency Era language and actions of a virgin young lady.  Sometimes this bothers me, but in this book I was laughing too hard to care.

I can recommend this book to those who like a sexy story with lots of humor.

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Advance Review- Heartsong Cottage by Emily March

Title: Heartsong Cottage: An Eternity Springs Novel(#10)

Heartsong Cottage

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Small Town

Author: Emily March

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks, Nov. 3, 2015(pre-order available)

Pages: 320

Source: Free For review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 4.5

Description from         

Two weary strangers are about to rest their burdens in Eternity Springs, where there’s hope for every broken heart.

Haunted by the loss of his wife and son, Daniel Garrett left the police force to devote his life to finding missing children. But he still hasn’t found a way to mend the wounds of his past-until he attends a wedding in the small mountain town of Eternity Springs…and meets a beautiful, intriguing woman who offers a glimpse of something Daniel thought he’d never have again.

Shannon O’Toole isn’t looking for romance. Ever since her fiancé’s death, she created a quiet life for herself restoring Victorian cottages. Still, she can’t deny her attraction to the handsome, broad-shouldered stranger. Daniel makes her feel things she’s hasn’t felt in years-including the desire to share her secrets. But can Shannon trust a detective when doing so could bring danger to her cottage door? In Eternity Springs, anything-and everything-is possible…


This is number 10 in the Eternity Springs series but you can read each as a standalone novel with town characters popping in and out of each book.

This is a very emotional book.  Be prepared to have tears and maybe out and out sobbing.  Yes it is a heartwarming Happily-Ever-After but it will take a lot out of you to get to that point. Shannon is being stalked and is in hiding, Daniel is in need to be moving on with his life.  The residents of Eternity Spings do aide them in finding each other.  Celeste Bradley is a one woman force to be reckoned with, perhaps she is an angel in disguise:

“A widowed, retired schoolteacher from South Carolina, Celeste wore her silver-gray hair in a stylish bob, spoke with a delightful, soft southern accent, and demonstrated an old-money class that blended with a youthful sense of fun.”

She also rides a motorcycle and hands out angel wing awards to those deserving.

The writing here is good.  The plot a bit predictable but enjoyable in its arc. The Characterization is well developed over the ten books so each person feels like someone you have known forever.  The new characters are well fleshed out.  There is a surprise thrown in that you won’t see coming.  If you are new to the series it is really okay to start here. Just be warned that your heart is going to break for these two lovers.

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Advance Review-Daniel’s True Desire by Grace Burrowes

Title:  Daniel’s True Desire (True Gentlemen, Book #2)

Daniel's true Desire

Genre: Historical Romance/Regency

Author: Grace Burrowes

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca, Nov. 3, 2015, pre-order available

Pages: 448

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

An Honorable Life Daniel Banks is a man of the cloth whose vocation is the last comfort he has left-and even his churchman’s collar is beginning to feel like a noose. At the urging of family, Daniel attempts to start his life over as vicar in the sleepy Kentish town of Haddondale, family seat to the earls of Bellefonte.

Challenged by Passion Resigned to spinsterhood, Lady Kirsten Haddonfield welcomes the new vicar to stay at her family’s home while his is under renovation. Suddenly the handsome visitor has Kirsten rethinking her ideas about love and marriage, but a dreadful secret from Daniel’s past may cast a shadow too long for either of them to overcome.

True Gentlemen series: Tremaine’s True Love (Book 1)

Tremaine's True Love

Daniels’ True Desire (Book 2)

Will’s True Wish (Book 3)


Romance fans rejoice once again.  Grace Burrowes is not only prolific but gives us THE BEST romances to fall in love with.  I swooned over book #1 in this series, Tremaine’s True Love, and this one is scrumptious also. This is a standalone novel but I encourage you to read the Lonely Lords series also.

Daniel Banks is saddled with a marriage to a witch of a woman.  They are estranged and she is behind the scenes plotting his destruction. Kirsten has reason to believe she is infertile and has broken off two engagements.  Now she is resigned to spinsterhood, that is until she falls for Daniel.  This seems to be a problem that cannot be solved, especially in the Regency Era when there was scandal surrounding divorce and annulment.

You will rapidly turn these pages to discover how a happily-ever-after can be accomplished.  And there will be some surprises along the way.  We have all of those delightful Haddonfields who add to the story. Nita is away on honeymoon but the other sisters are on hand.  The Earl and brother George play important roles as well as Viscount Fairly, Daniel’s brother-in- law. There is the addition of a passel of “rotten boys” who are a delight.  I think you will be surprised at Daniel’s true desire.  No, no, that’s all the hints I will give you.  Now go, buy, so you can start reading this delight as soon as it is available.

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Advance review-What Happens Under The Mistletoe By S.Jeffries, K. Hawkins, C. Camp & M. Duran

Title:  What Happens Under the Mistletoe

What happens under the mistletoe

Genre: Historical Romance Anthology

Author: Sabrina Jeffries, Karen Hawkins, Candace Camp, Merdith Duran

Publisher: Pocket books, Oct. 27, 2015 (pre-order available, E-book & Paperback)

Pages: 400

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Christmasy feeling: 3

Descriptions from

Stunned by the heat of an unexpected kiss on a cold winter’s eve, two strangers from vastly different worlds turn hotheaded principles into burning passion in Sabrina Jeffries’s delightful yuletide story, The Heiress and the Hothead.


Some of the characters we have met in Ms. Jeffries previous book, The Art of Sinning. The heroine of the story, Amanda Keene, is the heiress to a cotton mill in America.  Lord Stephen Corry is the second son of an earl and a journalist.  He is a reformer and she wants to prove to him she doesn’t need to reform her mills.  The action takes place in an English mill town at an aristocratic house party at Christmas time.  This story was predictable even though it had quite a bit of information about cotton mills in the 19th century.  The intimate scene was so totally ridiculous in the setting that it took me out of the story.  I expect more from this author and usually she delivers but not in this story. Deet’s Rating: 2.5, Sexy Rating: 5 Christmasy feeling: 3.


In the snowy Scottish countryside, Karen Hawkins’s rakish duke has an unforgettable holiday encounter in Twelve Kisses when the alluring lady he surprises under the mistletoe is not who he expected, but a long-lost love with a score to settle.


This one is right in my wheel-house, a snowbound romance.  The protagonists, Marcus Sutherland, the Duke of Rothesay and Kenna, Lady Montrose, a widow, are ex finances with some bitter memories.  They get caught in a scandalous situation at a house party and in Kenna’s try to get to her father for help they become snowbound in a cabin.  Marcus fights his attraction to Kenna and it does seem that all is lost.  Although this one again is rather predictable it is more palatable when the intimate scene is not ridiculous but a slow simmer until fireworks. In this story we are also treated to a character from Ms. Hawkin’s previous book The Prince Who Loved Me, Tata Natatasha who is a delightful feisty old lady.  There is no Christmasy feeling in this story.  It could be set any time during the winter. Deet’s Rating: 4, Sexy Rating: 5, Christmasy Feeling: 0


In By Any Other Name, Edinburgh is aglitter for Christmastime as Candace Camp sends a curious gentleman in hot pursuit of an intriguing lady in disguise—one who refuses to reveal her true identity, though she fears he has already stolen her heart with his kiss.

**My first reading of Candace Camp and I was so pleased to find a new-to-me author with such a fine grasp of storytelling.  Rylla, short for Amaryllis, sneaks out of the house dressed as a man trying to find her brother Daniel who had a row with their father.  Shei searching in gambling halls and as she leaves is set upon by a thief but saved by Gregory who carries her (him) to his rooms.  Their it becomes obvious that Rylla is female but she refuses to give Gregory her name for fear of ruining her reputation. The story from here takes off as Gregory is in pursuit and Rylla is determined to avoid him.  This is very cute with some sexy scenes and romance.  There is little Christmasy feeling except for wanting the brother home for the holiday. Deet’s rating: 4, Sexy Rating: 5, Christmasy Feeling: 1


In Sweet Ruin, will the festive spirit of the season sweep Meredith Duran’s feisty heroine beneath the mistletoe—and back into the arms of the dashing rogue whose carelessness soiled her reputation and sent her into exile in London?


Georgiana Trent fell in love with Lucas Godwin and then he left her without even a good-bye.  Now he is back at the behest of her diplomat father to find a stolen letter at their Christmas house party.  This is a story of misunderstanding and deceit. This well constructed story is full of Christmas spirit as we are made to feel like participants in the holiday house party.  Romance is slow to overcome the past wrongs but there is a sexy and lovely turnabout. Deet’s Rating: 5, Sexy Rating:5, Christmasy Feeling:5


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Historical Boxed Romance Collection- A Taste of Scandal

Title:  A Taste of Scandal: Bad Boys, Sexy Scoundrels and Regency Rogues

A taste of Scandal

Genre: Historical Romance Collection

Author: Megan Bryce, Elizabeth Cole, Madelynne Ellis, Dawn Halliday, Vicki Hopkins,

                  Suzanna Medeiros, Kate Pearce, Sandra Schwab

Publisher: Sky spark Books, October 5, 2015, E-Book $.99

Pages: Not Available

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 5 (see message)

Sexy Rating: 5 (see message)

Message from Deet:  This is a boxed collection of 8 full length novels.  Normally I wait until I have read all the books in a collection before I write a review but this collection is available for a limited time and I don’t want you to miss out on this terrific price of $.99 for all 8 of them.  I have read two of the books to date ( Megan Bryce’s To Wed The Widow and Madelynne Ellis’ Three Times The Scandal) and their reviews follow below along with the synopsis for the other books in the collection. The collection is available in the USA and UK and I suggest strongly that you pick this one up.

Description from

Bad Boys, Sexy Scoundrels, and Regency Rogues Heat up your history with these eight amazing novels from USA Today bestselling authors and brand new voices in this box set! From Regency ballrooms to Victorian bedrooms, there’s something here for every lover of steamy, sexy historical romance. Scottish highlanders, devilish dukes, noble spies, and witty aristocrats use humor, wits, and intrigue to get whatever — and whoever — they desire. But these daring heroes meet their match when they encounter bewitching beauties who want more than just a taste of scandal…

Megan Bryce — To Wed the Widow George Sinclair would rather poke his eye out than appease his brother the earl, who thinks George ought to marry a dull, scandal-less wife. However, the oft-widowed Lady Haywood is a scandalous distraction that no gentleman can ignore.


Deet’s review: This book is number three in Megan Bryce’s The Reluctant Bride series.  It is a standalone novel but I can guarantee that you will want to read more from this terrific author.  This book contains the most delightful witty banter along with a well plotted story and superbly nuanced characters.  I cannot praise this one high enough.  It is well worth the $.99 you will spend on the entire collection.  Don’t pass this up!!!!

Deet’s rating: 5+, Sexy Rating: 5


Madelynne Ellis — Three Times the Scandal Engaged to a man she despises, Fortuna Allenthorpe abandons duty and flees into the night with a notorious rakehell. Giles Dovecote isn’t looking for a wife, but Fortuna makes him want things he considers off limits. How long can he hold fast to his principles, if they mean surrendering the woman he loves?


Deet’s Review:The title of this book refers to Giles Dovecoat and his two best friends, Robert and Ned Darleston.  They are true Regency Rakehells.  They believe in “Free Love” and have no intention of following all those pesky ton rules.  Fortuna is eager to explore her sensual side and is not averse to doing that with all three, either together or singly. As you might have realized, this is a Historical Erotic Romance.  If you don’t mind lots of sex with lots of participants then I think this is one you will truly enjoy.  The writing is superb! There is a plot and there is romance as well as a mystery. This is book #4 in Ms. Ellis’ Scandalous Seductions series but is a standalone with only minor references to previous books. Again, certainly worth the price of this $.99 collection.

Deet’s Rating: 5, Sexy Rating: 5+


Elizabeth Cole — A Heartless Design “Heartless” Cordelia Bering refuses every marriage offer she receives. A marriage could reveal her secret double life. Then she meets Sebastien Thorne, a spy in the service of the Crown. He is determined to learn all her secrets, all her desires…and ensnare her heart.

Dawn Halliday — The Sweetest Revenge When the Earl of Leothaid took Isabelle Frasier’s innocence, the resulting scandal drove her to England in humiliating exile. Seven years later, she joins with two other women to seek vengeance. But as Isabelle surrenders to her reawakening feelings for the wicked earl, she faces an impossible choice…

Vicki Hopkins — Dark Persuasion A cruel accident left Charlotte Gray blind at the age of eight. However, her aristocratic neighbors have taken a peculiar interest in her welfare and hold a debutante ball in her honor, where two brothers become rivals for her affections. Inexperienced and vulnerable to a fault, Charlotte begins to traverse the unfamiliar world of courtship, discovering that love is truly blind…

Suzanna Medeiros — Loving the Marquess To save her family, the desperate Louisa Evans must turn to the head of the family that ruined hers. The Marquess of Overlea marries her for reasons of his own. After the wedding, he reveals he inherited the same illness that killed his father. To save the marquisate, he intends to have another man father his heir. But his plan becomes complicated by an almost desperate need to claim Louisa for himself.

Kate Pearce — Educating Elizabeth When Miss Elizabeth Waterstone encounters the enigmatic Duke of Diable Delamere, she is determined to exploit his rakish expertise. The duke agrees to teach her everything she needs to know, but soon finds himself needing more than her innocent skills in his bed. Together, they must work together to save the Prince Regent, even as they fall into a dangerous love.

Sandra Schwab — Bewitched After a magical mishap, Miss Amelia Bourne is stripped of her powers and sent to London in order to be introduced into polite society–and to handsome, rakish Sebastian “Fox” Stapleton. But she and Fox are now pawns in a mysterious, deadly game. Will Amelia be strong enough to battle the evil that lurks in the dark, and will she be able to claim her heart’s true desire?


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Advance Review- Shifter Planet by D.B. Reynolds

Title:  Shifter Planet

Shifter Planet DB Reynolda

Genre: PNR/SyFy

Author: D.B. Reynolds

Publisher: Entangled, Oct. 26, 2015(E-Book pre-order available)

Pages: 341

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Specialist Amanda Sumner is one of the first to make contact on the Earth-like planet Harp and discovers she’s the only Earthling, who can hear the trees sing in the strange forest. Determined to remain and learn more of the planet’s secrets, Amanda sets out to become part of the elite Guild there…

But there is a secret involving some Guild members-one that could get her killed.

Shifter Rhodry de Mendoza wants the Earthlings off his planet before they destroy it–even if that means denying what he feels for the fierce and lovely Amanda. The pair is thrown together in what becomes a fight for their lives. And they might just lose everything-including each other-in their battle for the right to live in peace.


D.B. Reynolds leaves her vampires to Earth to develop a whole new world that is out of this world.  On the isolated planet, Harp, there is a colony of Earthling descendants from a space ship that crashed some 500 years ago.  The year is now 4668, and a new ship of human Earthlings has arrived on Harp. But the current population of Harp is not very welcoming. They don’t wish to have their secrets discovered.

This is very much an action/adventure story with a slow building romance between Rhodry and Amanda.  He is reluctant to follow his attraction because he is a wild cat shifter and Amanda is a human.  She is attracted also but steps back because of his seeming disinterest. That is until circumstances force them into a life or death situation.   Amanda is certainly a kick-ass heroine.  She spends much of the book proving that she can play with the big-boys and best them.  Although Rhodry is a strong Alpha male he does sometimes look a bit wimpy next to some of Amanda’s exploits.  When they finally confess to their attraction and act on it we are treated to some super steamy intimate scenes. The side characters are well developed and perhaps we will see them in future books. There is Fionn, the crown prince, who is charming and sexy and even if a bit narcissistic he would make for a terrific future hero.  There is also the Guild with interesting shifters who are not all that interested in having a human join them.

I am an avid fan of Ms. Reynold’s vampires and I am enjoying this foray into the SyFy romance realm of shifters in outer space.  She gives us a new world that is not so much different from our own but with some very big differences thrown in. She does not disappoint in the action and suspense areas nor in the hot and steamy love scenes.  She does both with a polished touch.

If you like strong heroines, hunky alpha heroes and breathless adventure and romance then this is your next great read.



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Recent Release Review- Christmas At Evergreen Inn by Donna Alward

Title:  Christmas At Evergreen Inn ( A Jewel Cove Novel)

Christmas At Evergreen Inn

Genre: Holiday Contemporary Romance/ Novella

Author: Donna Alward

Publisher: St Martin’s, October 6, 2015 (E-Book)

Pages: 94

Source: Free For review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Christmasy Feeling: 5

Description from         

When a December Nor’easter roars up the eastern seaboard, Jewell Cove cop Todd Ricker spends his day off being a Good Samaritan to stranded holiday travelers. But when the roads close and Todd can’t make his way home, he discovers that the Evergreen Inn is full up. Until another Good Samaritan opens her doors and offers him a place to stay…

Lainey Price is not looking forward to Christmas, but just because she’s not filled with the holiday spirit doesn’t mean she’s going to turn Todd out into the stormy night. Even if it means offering the handsome police officer the couch in her tiny cottage. But when the weather takes a turn for the worse, the two are snowed in for a wintry evening by the fire. With Christmas only a few days away, can Todd convince Lainey to open her heart to the season…and love?


This novella is short, sweet and perfect to read during the hectic holiday season.  The characters are surprisingly well fleshed-out for a novella.  There is not a slow build to the romance, the H and h are instantly attracted to each other.  The setting is made for romance; snowbound with a roaring fire….yes! Donna Alward gives us realistic dialog, breathless love scenes and lots of Christmasy feeling.


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Recent Release Review- The Christmas Cottage/Everafter by Samantha Chase

Title:  The Christmas Cottage/ Everafter (two books in one volume)

The Christmas Cottage Everafter

Genre:  Holiday Contemporary Romance

Author: Samantha Chase

Publisher: Sourcebook Casablanca, Oct 6, 2015

Pages: 320

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 3.5/1

Sexy Rating: 5/5 Behind closed doors

Description from


Lacey Quinn does not believe in happily-ever-after or the legend of the Christmas Cottage. But her best friend does, and she’s the one getting married. It’s Lacey’s job to make sure everything at the cottage is perfect for the newlyweds. Instead, she finds herself snowed in with the best man, and she begins to wonder if fairy tales really can come true.


Deet’s Review:

This one was not bad.  Lacey and Ean were meant for each other and it was fun seeing them come together. Ava was a Bridezilla of the first degree and extremely annoying.  I don’t mean just a bit annoying, there was no way to like her.  That Lacey put up with her is credit to a long term friendship. For me this was a book to pass the time, kinda fun and romantic but just okay.

Deet’s Rating: 3.5 Sexy Rating: 5- Behind closed doors



Ava Callahan wants desperately to believe in love everlasting. But when Brian McCabe walks back into her life and upsets her carefully organized world, her commitment to perfection makes it hard to accept the love that’s right in front of her. Will it take a night in the Christmas Cottage for Ava and Brian to find their happy ending?


Deet’s Review:

Brian is Mason’s best friend.  Mason and Ava were about to be married but they broke up in The Christmas Cottage book.  Now Brian is back wooing Ava 8 months after the break up and Mason is about to marry someone else.  I still find Ava to be beyond annoying.  I don’t really care if she and Brian get together because who is this Brian anyway and what does he see in this poor excuse of a woman, Ava? Too harsh? Maybe.  This book was torture for me to finish since Ava is not my idea of a sympathetic protagonist. Deet’s Rating: 1, Sexy Rating: 5-Behind closed doors.

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Recent Release Review- The Duke and Miss Christmas by Amelia Grey

Title:  The Duke and Miss Christmas

The Duke and Miss Christmas.png

Genre: Holiday Historical Romance Short Story

Author: Amelia Grey

Publisher: St. Martin”s Paperbacks, Oct 13, 2015

Pages: 84

Source: Free for Review from the publisher

Rating: 3

Sexy Rating: 5

Christmasy Feeling: 3

Description from

Crispin, the Duke of Hurst, has never met a woman he couldn’t handle–until he’s hit over the head with a basketful of mistletoe by a young lady who mistakes his intentions. When he gets into a tussle with her–and she can hold her own–Crispin knows he has finally met his match.

Miss Gwen Prim is mortified that she attacked a duke, but even more concerning is the way her resolve melts when she’s near him. She’s never felt this way about a London gentleman in her life. And with the magic of Christmas in the air, she may end up with a proposal she didn’t expect…


Yes, this had a bit of holiday feeling since mistletoe and holly were mentioned. Yes, there is a handsome Duke and a beautiful maiden. No, there is nothing new in this story and it is beyond predictable.  Am I just becoming jaded by so much of the same in HR? If you want a quick, simple read during the holidays this one is not badly written just more of the same.

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Recent Release Review- (anthology) An Amish Christmas Gift by A. Clipston, R. Reid and K. Irvin

Title:  An Amish Christmas Gift

An Amish Christmas gift

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

Author: Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid and Kelly Irvin

Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Oct. 6, 2015

Pages: 401

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 3.5

Sexy Rating: 0

Christmasy Feeling: 5

Description from

Naomi’s Gift by Amy Clipston

Naomi has begun to believe that she isn’t meant to find love, but she might receive more than she has ever hoped for this Christmas.

Twenty-four-year-old Naomi King has all but given up on marriage and children. As Christmas approaches, Naomi is certain that her life will be spent as an old maid, helping with the family’s quilting business and taking care of her eight siblings. Then she meets Caleb, a young widower with a 7-year-old daughter, and her world is once again turned upside-down.


This opening story was very predictable. Even when there was a crisis I didn’t for a moment feel anxiety for the protagonist. Caleb’s daughter, Susan, was so over the top manic most of the time that if this wasn’t an Amish story I would think the girl was getting into the family liquor cabinet. The dialog was rather stilted and the writing not very professional. Have you guessed that I was not happy with this novella? This is my first “Amish Romance” and I was hoping for so much more. Perhaps in the other novellas in this book?

Deet’s rating:2 Sexy Rating: 0 (it’s an Amish story)

An Unexpected Joy by Ruth Reid

Abigail has driven other suitors away, but can Micah find a way to show her he cares?

Being a caregiver for Micah Zook’s grandmother is the answer to Abigail’s prayers. In fact, the elderly lady keeps finding ways to set Abigail up with her grandson. Despite Abigail’s constant chatter, Micah realizes he’s beginning to care for her—until he makes a decision that leaves her feeling betrayed. With Christmas in their midst, can Micah find a way to reconcile with Abigail and to reveal the true feelings of his heart?


This novella was more to my liking.  The characters were well drawn.  Abigail was talkative to the point of being annoying but she truly had a warm, generous heart.  Micah had reasons to be stressed and annoyed with Abigail but he too had a kind generous nature.  This was a very sweet love story as well as a lesson in Christmas good will.  Deet’s Rating: 4, Sexy Rating:0

A Christmas Visitor by Kelly Irvin

Frannie Mast returns to Bee County for Christmas, but her heart stays back in Missouri with an Englisch farm boy.

Frannie knows her parents have the best of intentions when they send her back to Bee County, Texas, to live with her aunt and her aunt’s new husband Mordecai. After all, Frannie knows nothing can come of a relationship with Rocky, the handsome Englisch farm boy back in Missouri. But all bets are off when Rocky follows Frannie to Texas to plead his case. Could he be the Christmas gift to end all gifts?


Again a well written story with a look at a different problem that might arise in the Amish Community.  I had to admire Rocky’s persistence and dedication to winning Frannie.  Deet’s Rating: 4, Sexy Rating:0

Deet’s overall impression:
This is my first foray into this genre of the Amish Romance for that reason it is hard for me to say if these stories are typical of the genre.  As in all genres there are good writers and those who don’t speak to the reader.  In this book I found both.  All the stories were very predictable and each practically beat the reader over the head with the moral of the story. For those reasons I never offered more than a rating of “4”.  I’m not saying I will never read this genre again but I am saying I will definitely do a bit more research before I give it another try.




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