What Turns Me On (Reposting from my blog in June 2011)

No, No. Not that kind of turn-on.  (But he isn’t bad, right?  Or maybe he’s very bad.  His name is Eduardo Verastegui) I digress as usual…… back to the REAL topic.

It’s safe to say I don’t just read and review new or upcoming releases.  I will, when they are given to me but since I’m new on the blog-beat the publishers are not clamoring for my input.  Amazon Vine likes me well enough to send me a couple of books a month.  So if there are any authors out there who are dying for my reviews feel free to request one. (update: Publishers now like me well enough and I’m not taking many author requests so times have changed since June 2011.)

That said, I know there are a ton of books that have been released over the years that I haven’t read and I assume you might have missed them also.  That’s why I review some older books along with current ones.

It seems, when I find a new-to-me author, which I like, I want to read their entire back catalog.  Linda Howard was one of those for me, also Lisa Kleypas and more recently Harlan Cobin, Julia Quinn and Sherry Thomas.  All have a way with prose that bespeaks an inventive intelligence and I’m surely (if nothing else) an intellectual snob.  There you have it, another confession.

I’m not proud of being that kind of a snob, or any kind actually.  It’s just that I don’t tolerate idiots well at all.  I’m a bottom-line, drama-free, give-me-some-common-sense kinda woman.  Come to me crying that you just bought a Coach purse but now don’t know how you will buy groceries and I about go ballistic at your stupidity. (my husband considers this a gross personality flaw) I’m just practical beyond reason.  I’m certainly not the academic-intellectual type of snob but all of this is off topic….

I simply love “smart” writing.

When characters are brought to life and I can feel them breathing I am delighted. 

When plotting is intricate and a novel has twists that I never saw coming, I will probably give it an automatic five.

 When romance is slow built and I can see the protagonists falling in love even before they do, I’m swooning. 

Make me laugh with wit and intelligence and you are on my all time fave list. 

Give me action and adventure that is heart pounding and page turning, well let’s just say you had me at the first run through the forest to escape the baddies.

And, if you give me all of those wrapped in one paperback cover…. I’m gonna bake you a pie and read your entire back list. (Update: All of this is still very true although I’ve no time to bake pies these days.)


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5 responses to “What Turns Me On (Reposting from my blog in June 2011)

  1. Great post, Dot! No wonder our tastes are very similar because I love all those elements in a book too. Generally, if a book can make me laugh, cry, blush and sigh, it’s a winner!

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    • After viewing that recent Facebook post of yours, Carol, the romance video, I realize it’s that breathless, heart-pounding eye staring part of falling in love that I love about the romance genre. And when some humor and tears are thrown in, I’m a goner.

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  2. Jennifer Manley

    Lovely. Couldn’t agree more!

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  3. I really don’t know how some authors like Howard and Kleypas can be so addictive, while other writers can create something similar and I can’t even finish it!

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    • I suppose we could find out by doing some in depth analysis but then that would take away from the utter ecstatic enjoyment of Howard and Kleypas. I’m pretty sure it’s the difference between having that illusive thing called talent and not having been given that gene. Whatever…..It still drives me on to discover that unique trait in new authors, sometimes I get lucky.


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