Review- Baby, Not Tonight by Dre Sanders

Title:  Baby, Not Tonight

Baby, Not Tonight

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author: Dre Sanders

Publisher: Avant Garde, July 2015

Pages: 271

Source: Purchase

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Milla McKool has been dumped by her French boyfriend after five years, losing her chance at love, her rising star status as an executive chef, and Paris. Back in NYC, she’s stuck with a dead-end job, an amaretto addiction to make herself sleep at night, and a decidedly jaundiced view of all mankind. The only cure, according to her best friend, is to get back out there. Hunter Rossdale has been stuck in neutral for even longer. The handsome, successful investment banker meets his match in Milla, a woman who no longer believes in happy-ever-after. She’s just looking for happy-for-now. Hunter doesn’t know what’s hit him, but he’s interested. What man hasn’t dreamed of a sexy woman who’s after him just for sex, no strings attached? But along with some dubious help from Hunter’s brother—a workaholic physician with his own romance woes—Milla’s sous-chef, who has no moral compass to speak of, and a nymphomaniac Russian psychic, the couple finds love isn’t always predictable. Sometimes your destiny is waiting.


This is a well written contemporary romance.  The characters are all well developed and side stories do not take the reader out of the main plot but help to characterize the H/h.  It is refreshing to find a heroine who is not especially fond of dogs since that seems to be politically incorrect in contemporary romance.  Of course,(SPOILER) she comes around to tolerating and attaching to said dog by the end of the book. Milla falls in lust with Hunter and it was fun to have a predatory heroine instead of the usual male being the one to do all the seducing.

Both Milla and Hunter are immersed in the lives of their best friends which leads to chaos in their personal relationship. Hunter is also very much involved in his brother’s marriage.  Because of all this outside involvement they might go for days without seeing each other.  But it was fireworks when they finally got together.

This is Ms. Sanders first novel and a well done one at that.  I recommend this book to all romance readers for a fun happily-ever-after read.




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2 responses to “Review- Baby, Not Tonight by Dre Sanders

  1. It really is astonishing how romance punishes people who aren’t crazy about dogs! Some people are scared of them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I know I’ve had some bad experiences.

    Romance readers are fine with heroines being raped and tortured, but if that dog misses a meal, the book is DNF’d and one-starred. We really have no respect for ourselves.

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