Recent Release Review- The Case of the Missing Morris Dancer

Title:  The Case of the Missing Morris Dancer

The Case of the missing Morris

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Author: Cathy Ace

Publisher: Severn House digital, Feb. 1,2016

Pages: 224

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating:0

Description from         

The WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries, featuring a quartet of female PIs, working from a Welsh stately home. The Anwen Morris Dancers are to play a pivotal role in the imminent nuptials of Henry, eighteenth Duke of Chellingworth. But it looks as though the wedding plans might go awry unless Mavis, Annie, Carol and Christine can help Althea, the Dowager Duchess, by finding a missing Morris man and a set of ancient and valuable artefacts in time for her son’s wedding. Anwen-by-Wye might look like an idyllic Welsh village where family values reign and traditions still mean something in a modern world, but what will the WISE women find when they peer behind the respectable net curtains?


My first question upon reading this book was, what are Morris Dancers? So I looked it up and found this video.  It is a type of folk dance in Great Britain.

Video of Morris Dancers

Now that you have been treated to that little snippet, let me explain about what a “cozy mystery” actually is, just in case you were unaware of the genre.  Cozy Mysteries are whodunnits without the gory details.  There can be murders or other dastardly deals but the reader is spared the grisly and gruesome.  Some famous Cozy authors are Agatha Christie, one of my favorites, Alan Bradley who writes the Flavia De Luce mysteries that I’ve previously reviewed and Charlaine Harris who writes the Aurora Teagarden mysteries.

This is a very British mystery set in present day Wales.  I say it is very British because it is chock-a-block full of British slang and references to items that are not generally known in the USA.  So because of those two things, the non-British reader is immersed in anglophilia and for this reader that is a delight.  The ladies of the WISE agency are all distinctive personalities which adds to the enjoyment of the story as do the personalities of the other characters.  There are several small mysteries to be solved within the pages along with discovering the whereabouts of the missing Morris dancer. There is some romance brewing and a baby on the way for some of the WISE women.

I really was surprised that the agency ladies were able to access the Morris dancer’s home and rifle through his computer.  They did justify this somewhat but it still seemed a bit illegal to me.  I will not say too much because I don’t want to give away any spoilers but it was not difficult to figure out who the bad guy was and I might have enjoyed the story even more if he had been introduced earlier.

In this read I was once again introduced to something I knew very little about, Morris Dancing. I look forward to reading more adventures of the WISE women from Cathy Ace and learning more about the Brits..


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  1. I am not a big fan of mystery books but I will have to say that this one intrigued me.


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