Recent Release Review- The Infamous Heir by Elizabeth Michaels

Title: The Infamous Heir (Spare Heirs, book #1)

the infamous heir

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Elizabeth Michaels

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca, March 2016

Pages: 448

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 2.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

The Spare Heirs Society Cordially Invites You to Meet Ethan Moore: The Scoundrel

Lady Roselyn Grey’s debut has finally arrived, and of course, she has every flounce and flutter planned. She’ll wear the perfect gowns and marry the perfect gentleman…that is, if the formerly disinherited brother of the man she intends to marry doesn’t ruin everything first.

Ethan Moore is a prize-fighting second son and proud founding member of the Spare Heirs Society-and that’s all he ever should have been. But, in an instant, his brother’s noble title is his, the eyes of the ton are upon him, and the lady he’s loved for years would rather meet him in the boxing ring than the ballroom.

He’s faced worse. With the help of his Spare Heirs brotherhood, Ethan’s certain he can get to the bottom of his brother’s unexpected demise and win the impossible lady who has haunted his dreams for as long as he can remember…

Spare Heirs:

The Infamous Heir

The Rebel Heir

The Wicked Heir

The Unsuitable Heir


This is a mystery along with romance. The villain is revealed fairly early and I would have liked a bit more mystery about him. Roselyn is under a huge misunderstanding about the events of a crucial day that nearly destroys her relationship with Ethan but then that is resolved almost too quickly. For days and perhaps weeks she is in a rage with Ethan then suddenly all is well between them. They are the target of murderous intent by the villain’s henchmen and it seems that the bad guys keep getting away no matter how much they are beaten.

I personally did not find this book to my liking. That does not mean that the writing was poor, only that it didn’t meet my expectations. Ethan was a boxer and this profession pushes some of my dislike buttons so perhaps it is for this reason I did not especially like him and Roselyn was so hither and yon with her feelings I could not get behind her either.


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4 responses to “Recent Release Review- The Infamous Heir by Elizabeth Michaels

  1. Wendy Loveridge

    I completely agree with your comments. In fact I was to review it for RHR, but I DNF it at about 50% as it really annoyed me! The writing is good but there were too many inconsistencies, modernisms and ‘silliness’ for my taste.

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  2. Wendy Loveridge

    I completely agree with you Dot. I think the writing is good but the storyline REALLY annoyed me, too many modernisms and at times just plain silly. So much so, that although I was going to review for RHR, I DNF at 50%. A shame really as it had such promise.

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