Recent Release Review- Good Dukes Wear Black by Manda Collins

Title: Good Dukes wear Black (The Lords of Anarchy, book #3)

Good Dukes Wear Black

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Manda Collins

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, April 5, 2016

Pages: 318

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from


A writer for the Ladies Gazette, Miss Ophelia Dauntry’s passion is her pen. So when she sees a fellow writer kidnapped before her eyes—and the trail of evidence leads to the Lords of Anarchy—Ophelia vows to find her friend and take down the notorious London driving club in her column. But before she can argue her case, she needs the inside scoop from its newest leader: Piers Hamilton, the Duke of Trent.

Headstrong, handsome Trent joined the Lords of Anarchy after a decade in the British Army. He’s made it his business to tame the misbehavior within the driving club—and the infuriatingly attractive Ophelia is only getting in his way. The deeper she digs into the case, the more she puts her own life at risk. Can Trent convince Ophelia to trust him to seek justice…and find protection, and passion, in his arms?


Ophelia and Trent are not strangers to each other.  They have often been together socially with his dear friends, Lord Lisle and the Earl of Mainwaring and their wives Hermione and Leonora.  However they have never been alone together until the day Ophelia shows up at his door after the attack on her friend Maggie.  Trent is incensed at the violence against Ophelia and Maggie and agrees to help Ophelia discover the whereabouts of her dear friend. Thus thrown together in their search they become attracted to each other.

Manda Collins has a way with pulling the reader into her plots that are filled with mystery, action and adventure.  The simmering, sensual romance is like the frosting on the cake.  Trent is a hero we love as were Lisle and Mainwaring in the first two books in the series. Ophelia is a determined heroine but too often is foolish at risking her neck. And Trent should have realized that she can’t be left alone or she will cause more trouble.

This was a quick read and will certainly be enjoyed by those who like mystery and action along with their sexy romance.

The Lords of Anarchy Series:

  1. A Good Rake is Hard to Find (Leonora and Freddy)
  2. Good Earl Gone Bad (Hermione and Jasper)
  3. Good Dukes wear Black (Ophelia and Trent)





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  1. Dot, I have read and enjoyed the other books in this series and am looking forward to reading this one.

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