Audiobook Review- The Player by Stella Riley

Title: The Player ( Rockliffe, book #3) (Audiobook)

The Player

Also available as E-Book and Paperback

Genre: Historical Romance/Georgian

Author: Stella Riley

Narrator: Alex Wyndham

Publisher: Stella Palmer, April 2016

Pages/ Listening Time: 323/10 hours 13 minutes

Source: Free from the Author

Rating: 5+

Sexy Rating: 5 not explicit

Description from

Tragedy drove him into unwilling exile. Death demands his reluctant return. In the decade between, he has answered to many names and amassed a variety of secrets. Now the actor known to Paris as L’Inconnu must resume his real identity and become Francis Adrian Sinclair Devereux, Earl of Sarre…a man he no longer knows how to be and whose name, thanks to the malice of a friend turned enemy, remains tarnished by an old scandal. Revenge, so long avoided, slithers temptingly from the shadows.

Granddaughter of a wealthy wool-merchant, Caroline Maitland is not finding her society debut either easy of enjoyable…but, to Marcus Sheringham, she is the perfect solution to his crushing mountain of debt. Knowing she will be married for her money, Caroline never believed she would find love; but neither did she bargain for a certain charming French highwayman…and a surprising turn of events. The stage is set, the cast assembled, and the Duke of Rockliffe waits for the curtain to rise. In the wings, Lord Sarre prepares to make his entrance. He doesn’t expect to be greeted with applause.


I’m such a fangirl of Stella Riley’s Rockliffe series that it is difficult for me not to jump up and down at my computer and beg you all to read/listen to this series.  I wasn’t even sure I liked the Georgian period (being totally enamored with the Regency Era) but Ms. Riley has not only made me a fan but keeps me hoping for more of this series. You know a book or series is good when you never want it to end. She has the ability to give us description of the era so that we can actually visualize the time period.  Her characters are fleshed out so that we can picture there features and personality. The book is well plotted and the pace is never too slow or too rushed.

In The Player we get to know Adrian Devereux, The recent Earl of Sarre.  Because of a tragedy he was exiled by his father to France for ten years. In an earlier book he was mentioned by the Duke of Rockliffe who thought he recognized Adrian acting on the stage in Paris. Now Adrian has returned to England to take charge of his title and estates and is hell-bent on seeking revenge on the man who caused his father to exile him so many years before.

Caroline Maitland is young, not aristocratic but holds a huge dowry that is making her the target of fortune hunter Marcus Sheringham, Adrian’s nemesis. Adrian uses his acting skills to woo Caroline and tricks her into an elopement.  But his well prepared plan starts to unravel when Caroline discovers the hoax.

I hope that much information is not a spoiler because there is so much more to this story and like me I’m sure you will hang on to every word out of the mouth of the sexy voiced narrator, Alex Wyndham.  He is my audiobook boyfriend, he can speak English with a French accent in several different character voices in a conversation.  He not only brings the characters and the book to life he infuses it with drama and heartfelt emotion. He can speak female voices as well as the male characters.

Well by now you know that I’m not just encouraging you to get this audiobook, I’m practically insisting that you do because I know you will love it.  There is nothing on TV anyway so sit back and listen to this wonderful story told by a superb narrator.

(FYI: I listen on my Kindle Fire HDX. Amazon also has Whispersync where you can get the print book and audio and read along as you are listening. I personally get so caught up in Wyndham’s narration that I don’t read along.)

The Rockliffe Series:



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6 responses to “Audiobook Review- The Player by Stella Riley

  1. Dot, I love your review and I’m so looking forward to listening to this. I have to have my regular fix of Alex Wyndham. 😍

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  2. Wendy Loveridge

    Lovely review, Dot. And you know what a fan I am!! Infact i’m working my way through Stella’s English Civil War series at present and it is fantastic. There is a hint that Stella is to write another in the Rockliffe series – fingers crossed.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thank you, Dot. Great review!

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