Review- Mad About The Marquess by Elizabeth Essex

Title: Mad About The Marquess (Highland Brides, book #2)

Mad About the Marquess

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Elizabeth Essex

Publisher: ERB Publishing, April 5, 2016

Pages: 372

Source: Purchase for Kindle, $.99

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

From acclaimed author Elizabeth Essex comes the adventurous first book in the Highland Brides, a quartet of bold, brilliant lasses determined to make their own happily ever afters. WHEN A LADY TAKES TO THE ROAD TO PLAY ROBIN HOOD Lady Quince Winthrop has been robbing from society’s rich and giving to Edinburgh’s poor for years. But everything changes the day she can’t resist the temptation to steal from the Marquess of Cairn. SHE MUST BE ON HER GUARD AGAINST HER SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM Alasdair, Marquess of Cairn, has come back to Scotland to stop a thief, never thinking that the lass he’s trying to woo is about to give a lesson in larceny he won’t be able to forget. From the twisted streets of Auld Reeky, to the hills of the highlands, Quince leads Alasdair on a merry chase, and finds the one man she shouldn’t fall for, is the one man she can’t resist. LOVE IS EVEN HARDER TO RESIST THAN TEMPTATION.


Quince is all of nineteen but she has been relieving the wealthy of Edinburgh of their precious trinkets for quite some time.  She donates the proceeds of her larceny to the poor through a local church. But she also gets a thrill out of stealing that she can get nowhere else.

Alasdair has been charged by the British Home Office to put a stop to the thievery in Edinburgh’s high society.  He has some idea that Quince is involved but she persuades him otherwise.  The attraction they feel for each other is totally mutual but Quince fears discovery.

Delightful!! This novel is brimming with witty banter and wonderful prose.  I was totally enthralled with the plot and the characters.  There is danger and action and I did get a bit annoyed with Quince at her daring but it was all totally in character. This is book #2 in the Highland Brides series but is a standalone novel.

If you want a truly entertaining read then this is the book for you.

Deet’s Note: At this writing this book is available for Kindle for $.99 but is $3.99 for Nook. But I also noticed that MAD FOR LOVE, the first book in the series is FREE on Kindle so I grabbed that one and will give a review in the future.



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4 responses to “Review- Mad About The Marquess by Elizabeth Essex

  1. Wendy Loveridge

    If you loved this one then I most probably will, Dot. Rubbing my hands together here as its in my library courtesy of Netgalley. *Sigh*…. so many fab books, so little time 😦

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  2. Dot, I’ve added this to my Amazon wish list.

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