Review- The Winter Bride by Anne Gracie

Title: The Winter Bride ( Chance Sisters, book #2)

Gracie Winter Bride

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Anne Gracie

Publisher: Berkley

Source: borrowed from the public Library

Pages: 338

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Four young women face a life of destitution—until a daring act changes their fortune and turns them each into a beautiful bride.  In The Winter Bride, a compromising situation leads to an unexpected wedding and delicious temptation…. Damaris Chance’s unhappy past has turned her off the idea of marriage forever. But her guardian, Lady Beatrice Davenham, convinces her to make her coming out anyway—and have a season of carefree, uncomplicated fun.  When Damaris finds herself trapped in a compromising situation with the handsome rake Freddy Monkton-Coombes, she has no choice but to agree to wed him—as long as it’s in name only. Her new husband seems to accept her terms, but Freddy has a plan of his own: to seduce his reluctant winter bride.  Will Damaris’s secrets destroy her chance at true happiness? Or can Freddy help her cast off the shackles of the past, and yield to delicious temptation?


Last week I reviewed Anne Gracie’s THE AUTUMN BRIDE and I could not wait to read this the second book in the Chance Sisters series.  I was not disappointed.  Damaris and Freddy are truly two people who are determined to remain unwed.  Together they devise a scheme to help each other remain single.  Damaris will pose as Freddy’s fiancée to show his parents he is ready for marriage and for her help Freddy will buy Damaris a cottage of her very own.  Of course nothing goes along as it was planned.

Once again I delighted in more of those fascinating Chance Sisters.  We still get snippets of Jane, Daisy and Abby but this is Damaris’ story.  This is a standalone novel but you will enjoy it even more if you read THE AUTUMN BRIDE first.  Now I’m on to THE SPRING BRIDE which is Jane’s story.

The Chance Sisters Series:

  1. The Autumn Bride ( Abby and Max)
  2. The Winter Bride (Damaris and Freddy)
  3. The Spring Bride (Jane and Zach)
  4. The summer Bride (Daisy and Flynn) 


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2 responses to “Review- The Winter Bride by Anne Gracie

  1. Wendy Loveridge

    I loved, Freddie, Dot. My favourite male of this series. Have you read Anne Gracie’s The Perfect Rake? It’s so funny as well as sad. The author really knows how to bring gorgeous, endearingly kind men to life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I have read THE PERFECT RAKE, really liked that one also. I’m a sucker for a bit of humor in a book and as for Freddie, well he was such an interesting Hero. I thought him a bit shallow when he was in the Autumn Bride but he came into his own in this book.


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