Deet’s Life- Kitchen Renovation

We have been up to our ears in a Kitchen renovation for about 5 weeks now.  We are almost completed but still have to add lighting.  I didn’t hate my old kitchen, although the appliances were often a trial, but it was built in the 1970’s and it was tired and out of date. Here in photos are our progress. This is the old kitchen.


Here is the installation and finish of the new kitchen, and the new kitchen floor which is cushioned vinyl to replace the ceramic, hard on my feet, tile. The dowels in the drawers keep the dishes from sliding around when the drawer is opened and closed.  The appliance garage is keeping things tidy.  The new pantry doors are most welcome since the old ones were nearly falling apart.  The scale is set in a piece of quartz counter material so it matches the marble-look countertops. I got a bit carried away with the size of the fridge but it does have plenty of room inside. BTW the appliances are GE Profile in a slate color.




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8 responses to “Deet’s Life- Kitchen Renovation


    You always have such good taste! The cushioned vinyl sounds wonderful!!–Patt


  2. Judy

    Looks wonderful….XXOO

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  3. Sky

    Your kitchen looks much more cosy and comfortble without all that white kitchen tile. Enjoy your new kitchen!

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  4. That’s a great idea, using dowels to prevent the dishes from sliding. Enjoy your beautiful kitchen Dot – you deserve it!

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