Playing With Fire-Deet’s Keeper Shelves

These are some of my favorite books that will always be on my Keeper Shelves.  There are books and series by Kleypas, Quinn, Long, McLean, Reynolds, Adrian, Harris, Balogh, Wildes, Duran ,  Sands, etc. Every year I discover fabulous new to me authors. Now many are on my Kindle and they are not up on a shelf.  Do you have favorites that you won’t part with?(I took these photos playing with my Kindle Fire)


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10 responses to “Playing With Fire-Deet’s Keeper Shelves

  1. I will never be able to get rid of Amanda Quick, Julia Quinn, Lori Foster, and Elizabeth Hoyt books. These are just to name a few but I have the same problem Dot, every year I find a new book from an author I have not tried and I have to read the book.

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    • We like so many of the same authors, Gayle. So true that out of the blue comes another and I give her a try and POW! I’m hooked on another series. This just happened to me last week with Christi Caldwell. she has a huge amount of books published and a huge following and I’m just getting around to discovering her books. Reviews coming of course.:-)

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      • I’ve read Christi’s Scandalous Seasons series which I really enjoyed but she is such a prolific writer that I doubt whether I’ll ever catch up. As her books can generally be read as standalones, I will probably be cherry-picking the ones that appeal to me the most.

        As I’ve limited space to store books (I have a husband who is an avid collector of railway books which are all hardbacks), I have only retained books personally signed by the author or keepers not available on Kindle.

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        • Well I can relate to your “Railroad Book collector” since I have a collection of Pop-Up books that require shelf space. I think it is very practical to limit yourself to signed-copies . but isn’t everything available on Kindle?(That’s rhetorical,) A Keeper on Kindle just isn’t the same. I really want to see it on my bookshelf. So, I may have it on Kindle AND the bookshelf.

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  2. Loving your keeper shelves looks alot like my own book shelves.

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  3. Dot, from past experience, you know my reading habits! Remember the days you, Shelly and I would discuss the Charlene Harris books?! Or who would play Ranger in an Evanovich?! For the past several years, as my eyesight worsened, and then we downsized with a move, every book I purchase is on my reading devices, laptop, I-pad, I-phone and Kindle. Not so bad, when you can whip out the phone anywhere and start reading where you left off. I still enjoy Baldacci, Isles, all the Cozy Mysteries, Scottolini, Evanovich, etc.

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    • Do I remember?? I will never forget! I do love reading on my paperwhite Kindle, in fact I prefer it to holding a book but there is just something so satisfying when I can browse my bookshelves. Thanks for stopping in to take me down memory lane. Miss you!


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