Deet’s Life-Deet’s Glorious Adventure


I’m off to Spokane, Washington for the first ever Historical Romance Retreat, a four day event filled with readers and authors who love the genre. I’m sure I will have some photos to upload when I get home.  Here is a glimpse of the venue, The Historic Davenport Hotel.


This is the gorgeous Lobby:


I will be welcomed to the event and also do some gambling on Gaming Night here:


In this room I will be entertained at High Tea:


The room where the Grand Ball and Book Fair  will be held:



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10 responses to “Deet’s Life-Deet’s Glorious Adventure

  1. Judy Whalen

    Hope u have a great time…XXOO


  2. Marietta

    What a perfect venue for this event. Have a wonderful time. Lose yourself in another era. Take lots of pics and share. Don’t forget to get pictures in your different outfits.

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  3. Our flight to Minneapolis is due to leave Heathrow on 3 minutes time!


  4. I just looked up the website. What an AMAZING list of authors they have.

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    Sounds Fabulous!!–Patt

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