Merry Christmas At Deet’s

Here is a peek at my house today.  Soon Paul and I will open our gifts and then I will start getting dinner ready.  This year Roast Beef is on the menu.  Friends will join us for dinner.  I set the table last night so I wouldn’t have to fuss this morning.  We ate breakfast on the little table on our lanai. I hope your Christmas is very Merry!


The greenery is from the Holly tree in our front yard. A bit different than the traditional holly bush.





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6 responses to “Merry Christmas At Deet’s

  1. I love your tree and your table looks so festive, Dot. In the past, we have often had roast beef for Christmas dinner but this year we are being traditional and having a turkey breast crown. I was up at 6:00am this morning preparing the vegetables and we have just finished opening our presents.

    Wishing you and Paul a very Happy Christmas. 🎄🍾🎁🎉

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  2. Every things looks so festive and pretty! Enjoyed seeing your tree decorated with painted ornaments. I hope your Christmas was a jolly one!

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    Everything looks great, love the table settings! We had a fun day at my brother’s pot luck, an obscene amount of food and cookies, yankee swap, cranky toddler and all!! Patt

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