Book Murals On Buildings

I thought you would be as fascinated with these buildings as I am. Thanks to Flavorwire for the photos.

Book building Cleveland OhioBook building Fountainbleau FranceBook building Kansas City public LibraryBook building Lyon FranceBook building Paris FranceBook building Portland State U in Portland OrBook buildings Circle City B n Music Pittsboro NCBook buildings Lanusei, Sardinia



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5 responses to “Book Murals On Buildings

  1. What a brilliant view to look out at books, loved it so much I had to share. x


  2. Marietta Colitre

    Delightful!!!   Thanks for sharing. Hope you’re feeling well.  Regards to Paul. The weather in LA is wonderful:  warm, sunny, dry, and lotsa greenery. Heard that the Peters are moving to Brandywine.  Unexpected. Leigh


  3. Patt Bell

    Love them!


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