Review- A Fallen Lady by Elizabeth Kingston

A Fallen Lady

Title: A Fallen Lady
Genre: Historical Romance/ Regency
Author: Elizabeth Kingston
Source: purchase
Publisher: Author
Pages: 364
Rating: 5
Sexy rating: 5
Violence rating: 5
Description from Amazon:

Six years ago, to the outrage of her family and the delight of London gossips, Lady Helen Dehaven refused to marry the man to whom she was betrothed. Even more shockingly, her refusal came on the heels of her scandalous behavior: she and her betrothed were caught in a most compromising position. Leaving her reputation in tatters and her motivations a mystery, Helen withdrew to a simple life in a little village among friends, where her secrets remained hers alone.

For reasons of his own, Stephen Hampton, Lord Summerdale, is determined to learn the truth behind the tangled tale of Helen’s ruin. There is nothing he abhors so much as scandal – nothing he prizes so well as discretion – and so he is shocked to find, when he tracks Helen down, that he cannot help but admire her. Against all expectations, he finds himself forgiving her scandalous history in favor of only being near her.

But the bitter past will not relinquish Helen’s heart so easily. How can she trust a man so steeped in the culture of high society, who conceals so much? And how can he, so devoted to the appearance of propriety, ever love a fallen lady?

After having read several very positive reviews of this book I just had to see what all the superlatives were about. I was not disappointed! This is the type of book that makes a reader cringe at any interruption. I wanted nothing more than to just continue reading and I was so sorry when it ended.

Helen had a trauma so devastating to her that she can hardly get words out to describe the horror. So she keeps her secrets deep inside; only sharing them with her best friend, Marie-Anne.
Stephen’s estate is close to where Helen lives and Helen’s brother has asked Stephen if he will help him to reconcile with Helen. Even though Stephen is very proper and views Helen as a fallen woman he is attracted to her but she keeps her secrets and distance. Stephen has some secrets of his own that he doesn’t share; he has quite a few.

This is a very emotional book. These two have to navigate a societal divide in order to be together. I kept reading to see how this author’s stunning prose and sensitive characterization would bring these two broken people together. Turns out, she does it beautifully.

Highly recommended!!



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3 responses to “Review- A Fallen Lady by Elizabeth Kingston

  1. Dot, Wendy recommended Elizabeth Kingston’s The King’s Man, set in the 13th century, which she says is a fabulous book. I have it on my priority reading list (I also snapped up the audio version which was on a special offer with Kindle and is narrated by Nicholas Bolton). I’ll be adding this book to my list too.

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    • I had never read this author prior to this book. Probably because I do tend to read books in the 19th century and because Kingston generally writes of earlier times. Her writing is so riveting that I will venture into other eras just because she is so entertaining. I do like narration by Bolton he is #2 on my narrator list. I have also “snapped up” audios when they have been on special with Kindle. But I’m so fussy about narrators that I really pick and choose who to listen to no matter the author. You can’t go wrong with this book, very emotional.

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      • I only picked up the audio version because Wendy had previously mentioned that Nicholas Bolton was such a good narrator. Apparently, Elizabeth Kingston received a recommendation from Laura Kinsale and that’s why Nicholas Bolton agreed to narrate her books.

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