Advance Review- The Duke Of Ruin by Darcy Burke

The Duke of Ruin

Title: The Duke of Ruin (The Untouchables, book #8)
Genre: Historical Romance/Regency
Author: Darcy Burke
Source: Free for review from the publisher
Publisher: Darcy Burke Publishing, March 27, 2018 (preorder available)
Pages: ?, e-book
Rating: 4
Sexy rating: 5
Violence rating: 0
Description from Amazon:
With her betrothal to a duke in tatters and scandal imminent, Diana Kingman has two choices: live in certain ignominy or flee into obscurity. Diana wants solitude. She never wished to wed in the first place. However, her father will stop at nothing to betroth her to one of the finest titles in the realm…no matter how loathsome the bearer. Escape is Diana’s only option, and she’ll pay any price to achieve freedom.

Universally blamed for the death of his wife and unborn child, Simon Hastings doesn’t dispute his guilt over an accident he cannot even remember. He hasn’t had a drink since, nor a moment’s peace. Determined to be a better man, Simon rescues a young woman in need—only to be accused of kidnapping. They must marry to save him from prison. But how can a man haunted by the love he lost and a woman afraid to get too close find happiness together?

I do wish that the person who writes the description blurb for the book would read it first. Diana’s father is a cruel man who abused her throughout her childhood and into her young adulthood. He most definitely wants her to be betrothed to a “decent” duke and would be appalled at any suggestion she marry a duke who is “loathsome”. Diana needs to escape because she is breaking her betrothal to the Duke of Kilve because he loves another, and her father will be outraged and punish her severely.

Along comes Simon, Duke of Romsey, Kilve’s best friend. Simon is called the Duke of Ruin by society because he is believed to have murdered his wife. He agrees to help Diana runaway to her cousin’s in order for her to figure out her future. He does this because of Kilve’s guilt over the broken betrothal. He is not interested in marrying and he is distraught over his wife’s death, which he can’t remember because he was drunk at the time.

This road-trip trope is entertaining and well written. It is a standalone book although we were introduced to Simon and Diana in Kilve’s book, THE DUKE OF ICE, so it was nice to see them hoping for their own HEA. I can recommend this book to ALL romance readers for a most enjoyable read. You may also want to read the other books in the Untouchable series.

The Untouchables Series:

#1 – The Forbidden Duke
#2 – The Duke of Daring
#3 – The Duke of Deception
#4 – The Duke of Desire
#5 – The Duke of Defiance
#6 – The Duke of Danger
#7 – The Duke of Ice
#8 – The Duke of Ruin
#9 – The Duke of Lies
#10 – Coming soon!


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