AAR Top 100 Romance Books 2018

Every 5 years or so, All About Romance conducts a reader survey of the top 100 romance novels of all time. They are listed alphabetically but they do rank the top ten also. You can see the list and print it out, go here:


I have read 41 out of the 100. How many have you read?


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5 responses to “AAR Top 100 Romance Books 2018

  1. Dot, I’ve read 41 as well.


    • Some I’m not sure belong on a top 100 list. I think the previous 2013 list was more to my liking. What is your opinion?

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      • Most of the 41 I have read are by my top favourite authors and do include some of my all-time favourite books.


        • I agree with you, my 41 are also by authors I like. But some of the other 49 that I haven’t read are totally unknown to me, authors that may be good but certainly not all time top authors. I do have a feeling that in the initial nomination-selection authors or publicists tipped the scales in favor of some of these little known authors. That is only a feeling, I, of course, have no way of knowing if that is the case.

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  2. marinavaizey



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