Release Day Review- What A Widow Wants by Jenna Jaxon

What a Widow Wants

Title: What A Widow Wants (The Widows Club book #3)
Genre: Historical Romance
Author: Jenna Jaxon
Publisher: Lyrical. Dec. 18, 2018
Source: Free for review from the publisher
Pages: 352
Rating: 3
Sexy Rating: 5
Violence Rating: 5
Description from
The widowed Lady Stephen Tarkington, Fanny to her friends, has finished mourning her cad of a husband and is ready to enjoy her freedom. The kind of freedom neither a gently bred miss nor a close-watched wife is permitted: dressing up as Aphrodite for a masquerade, drawing gentlemen away from the party, and hinting at late-night assignations with her dance partners. All is going pleasurably according to plan—until the Roman god Fanny kisses during a masquerade turns out to be Matthew, Lord Lathbury, whose proposal she refused years ago . . .

Lathbury is charming, passionate, inventive, everything Fanny wants in a lover—but unfortunately, he’s on the hunt for a wife. He’s more than willing to use all his wicked skills to persuade her back to the altar, but he can’t wait forever. And now Fanny’s position is more precarious than she once thought. If the tongues of the ton set to wagging, it’s possible no offer in the world will save her from ruin. But does she want to be saved? . . .
This book started off with me not liking Fanny, our heroine, and not liking Matthew, our hero. She was just a tad too much the loose woman and he was almost a bully with his insistent marriage proposals. How I managed to stay with the story I’m afraid I can’t say. Actually I kept putting the book aside. But at about the 50-60% mark this story took off with some surprises, action and adventure that made the ending an okay read. Fanny was not totally redeemed but Matthew earned some admiration.
I do think you will have a better feel for this story if you have started with the first two books in the series although this is a standalone book. Characters from the beginning books in the series do play important roles in this book.
Trigger warning: There is an attempted rape in this book.

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