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Advance Review- Nothing Ventured by Jeffrey Archer

Nothing Ventured

Title: Nothing Ventured (A William Warwick Novel book #1)

Genre: General fiction/Mystery

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, Sept. 3, 2019

Pages: 326

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5 (behind closed doors)

Violence Rating: 4

Description from Amazon:

Nothing Ventured heralds the start of a brand new series in the style of Jeffrey Archer’s #1 New York Times bestselling Clifton Chronicles: introducing Detective William Warwick. But this is not a detective story, this is a story about the making of a detective . . .
William Warwick has always wanted to be a detective, and decides, much to his father’s dismay, that rather than become a lawyer like his father, Sir Julian Warwick QC, and his sister Grace, he will join London’s Metropolitan Police Force.
After graduating from university, William begins a career that will define his life: from his early months on the beat under the watchful eye of his first mentor, Constable Fred Yates, to his first high-stakes case as a fledgling detective in Scotland Yard’s arts and antiquities squad. Investigating the theft of a priceless Rembrandt painting from the Fitzmolean Museum, he meets Beth Rainsford, a research assistant at the gallery who he falls hopelessly in love with, even as Beth guards a secret of her own that she’s terrified will come to light.
While William follows the trail of the missing masterpiece, he comes up against suave art collector Miles Faulkner and his brilliant lawyer, Booth Watson QC, who are willing to bend the law to breaking point to stay one step ahead of William. Meanwhile, Miles Faulkner’s wife, Christina, befriends William, but whose side is she really on?
This new series introduces William Warwick, a family man and a detective who will battle throughout his career against a powerful criminal nemesis. Through twists, triumph and tragedy, this series will show that William Warwick is destined to become one of Jeffrey Archer’s most enduring legacies.

I haven’t read a Jeffrey Archer book since KANE AND ABEL back in the 80’s. My husband is an avid fan of the author and has been encouraging me to read THE CLIFTON CHRONICLES. It’s not that I didn’t want to read Archer’s novels, I just had other books ahead of his on my TBR pile. When this, a new series came along I thought it time that I give in and read a Jeffrey Archer novel.

I’m so glad I did pick this one up. William Warwick’s character is fully realized. We are given a complete background in his wanting to be a detective and his involvement with his family, his early years on the “beat” and his sharp mind that propels him forward in his profession. William is often naïve but he doesn’t let set-backs hold him back, he can take a joke when pranks are played on him. Archer has given us a well rounded human who we can root for. Side characters are many in this book, from involved family members to mentoring superiors to clever criminals and a like minded love interest. I look forward to the next book to see where William goes from here.

I highly recommend this book to readers of all genres. There is something for everyone; action, adventure, mystery, legal court scenes and a love story. You’re gonna like this one.

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Release Day Review- How To Love A Duke In Ten Days by Kerrigan Byrne

How to love a duke in ten days

Title: How to Love A Duke In Ten Days

Genre: Historical romance/Victorian

Author: Kerrigan Byrne

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, August 27, 2019

Pages: 448

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Violence Rating: 5

Description from Amazon:
These men are dark, bold, and brave. And there is only one woman who can bring them to their knees…
Famed and brilliant, Lady Alexandra Lane has always known how to look out for to herself. But nobody would ever expect that she has darkness in her past—one that she pays a blackmailer to keep buried. Now, with her family nearing bankruptcy, Alexandra strikes upon a solution: Get married to one of the empire’s most wealthy eligible bachelors. Even if he does have the reputation of a devil.
Piers Gedrick Atherton, the Duke of Redmayne, is seeking revenge and the first step is securing a bride. Winning a lady’s hand is not so easy, however, for a man known as the Terror of Torcliff. Then, Alexandra enters his life like a bolt of lightning. When she proposes marriage, Piers knows that, like him, trouble haunts her footsteps. But her gentleness, sharp wit, independent nature, and incredible beauty awakens every fierce desire within him. He will do whatever it takes to keep her safe in his arms.
Yay, a new Kerrigan Byrne series! We have a feisty archeologist, Lady Alexandra who along with her two best friends is hiding a secret from their school days. But someone has discovered the secret and is blackmailing her. Her family is destitute and she can no longer pay the blackmailer. That is when the idea of marrying the Terror of Torcliff becomes a good one. Evil follows Alex and Piers.
This is a great start to a new series. The meeting of Alex and Piers is a perfect start to this original plot. Ms Byrne once again kept me glued to the book, only getting up to refresh my coffee. I wanted Piers to be a bit more terrifying. He was just too easy to love. I loved the independent, accomplished Alexandra. The action and adventure was pitch perfect. Highly recommended.

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Kindle & Audible Review- Seeing Miss Heartstone by Nichole Van

Seeing Miss Heartstone

Title: Seeing Miss Heartstone

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Nichole Van

Source: Purchase on Kindle & Audible

Publisher: Fiorenza, Nov. 2018

Pages: 315

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 3

Violence Rating: 0
Narration: by Cat Gould, Rating: 4

Description from Amazon:

Miss Belle Heartstone—heiress and savvy businesswoman—needs a husband. Immediately. As in, yesterday would not have been soon enough. Her mother’s attempts at matchmaking have been disastrous. So Belle decides to solve the problem her way—survey the market and purchase the best groom available.

Colin Radcliffe, Marquess of Blake—debt-ridden and penniless—needs a large infusion of cash. Desperately. Preferably cash that does not come with a wife attached. It is no surprise, then, when he receives Miss Heartstone’s brazen proposal—her cash, his title, their marriage—that he politely declines.

But before he leaves her, Blake suggests something truly radical: Maybe before finding a husband, Belle should find herself.
His simple words send them both on an unexpected journey, spanning continents and years, entwining their lives in ways neither could have foreseen. Can two lonely souls move past societal expectations and forge a unique life together?

Please note: The basic storyline of Seeing Miss Heartstone was originally published as a novella titled, An Invisible Heiress, in the Spring in Hyde Park anthology. This current novel is a greatly expanded version of that plot, adding over 200 pages of text and creating a more robust, well-developed story.

If you have not read a Nichole Van novel then this is the place to start and then you can delve into her previous published, wonderful novels. This novel has such a unique premise of a Regency Era miss who is very business savvy making her way in a male dominated world. Not letting her heart rule but listening to it, she waits for her turn at love. Colin needs to make his fortune so that he can support his Marquisette before he can even think of marriage.

Truly a delightful read. Highly recommended!!!!

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Advance Review- The Blacksmith Queen by G.A. Aiken

The Blacksmith Queen
Title: The Blacksmith Queen (The Scarred Earth Saga, book #1)

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Author: G.A. Aiken

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Publisher: Kensington Books, Aug. 27, 2019

Pages: 304

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Violence Rating: 5++

Description from Amazon:
When a prophesy brings war to the Land of the Black Hills, Keeley Smythe must join forces with a clan of mountain warriors who are really centaurs in a thrilling new fantasy romance series from New York Times bestselling author G.A. Aiken.

The Old King Is Dead

With the demise of the Old King, there’s a prophesy that a queen will ascend to the throne of the Black Hills. Bad news for the king’s sons, who are prepared to defend their birthright against all comers. But for blacksmith Keeley Smythe, war is great for business. Until it looks like the chosen queen will be Beatrix, her younger sister. Now it’s all Keeley can do to protect her family from the enraged royals.

Luckily, Keeley doesn’t have to fight alone. Because thundering to her aid comes a clan of kilt-wearing mountain warriors called the Amichai. Not the most socially adept group, but soldiers have never bothered Keeley, and rough, gruff Caid, actually seems to respect her. A good thing because the fierce warrior will be by her side for a much longer ride than any prophesy ever envisioned …

I have read GA Aiken’s Dragon Kin Series and liked that so I was fairly certain I would like a new series. I thought this book was totally entertaining. The author can bring characterizations of mythical creatures to life as well as the humans. The heroine, Keeley, is a blacksmith as was her mother. She is strong both physically and emotionally but with a tender and caring heart. Caid is very protective and a worthy hero. But it is Keeley who is the true saviour of country and family.

This book is often cringe-worthy violent, with scenes of battle vividly depicted. There are many scenes of battles and anxiety producing moments. There are truly evil side characters. Aiken’s world building is never an info dump but the result of action and plotting.

I recommend this book to those who like Fantasy, Romance and plenty of action.
P.S. I love that book cover!

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Recent Release Review- Marry In Secret by Anne Gracie

Marry In Secret

Title: Marry In Secret (Marriage of Convenience,book #3)

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Anne Gracie

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Publisher: Berkley, July 2019

Pages: 336

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from Amazon:

Lady Rose Rutherford—rebel, heiress, and exasperated target of the town’s hungry bachelors—has a plan to gain the freedom she so desperately desires: she will enter into a marriage of convenience with the biggest prize on the London marriage mart.

There’s just one problem: the fierce-looking man who crashes her wedding to the Duke of Everingham — Thomas Beresford, the young naval officer she fell in love with and secretly married when she was still a schoolgirl. Thought to have died four years ago he’s returned, a cold, hard stranger with one driving purpose—revenge.

Embittered by betrayal and hungry for vengeance, Thomas will stop at nothing to reclaim his rightful place, even if that means using Rose—and her fortune—to do it. But Rose never did follow the rules, and as she takes matters into her own unpredictable hands, Thomas finds himself in an unexpected and infuriating predicament: he’s falling in love with his wife….

This is a very good read. It starts off with a real shocker and then takes us on a steady ride to an HEA. Rose has never forgotten Thomas and how she loved him. Thomas is a broken man trying to find his footing in a world he left behind. We truly hope for their reunion. There are twists and surprises. I can highly recommend this well written Historical Romance.

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Friday Hotness- two videos Outlander’s Jamie and Claire and Jensen Ackles

Here we go back in time to a Sept. 2014 blog. We all need a little “Hotness” or maybe not this hot.

La Deetda Reads

I live where it is HOT year round.  Today was one of the hottest, especially when I went to You Tube.  Do you watch Starz’ Outlander?  Hm-m-m, yes, fanning myself here.  This post is definitely rated “R” or maybe “X”, whatever ….you can thank me by following my blog. Oh yes, and just as a bonus I’m reposting a view of hot Jensen Ackles while Brittany Spears sings.  Oh, oh, I’m out of breath.  Hope you all enjoy this Friday Hotness.

And all of you lovelies who are already following my blog you may have to go to my blog to see these vids.

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Release Day Review- Mrs. Sommersby’s Second Chance by Laurie Benson

Mrs. Sommersby's Second Chance

Title: Mrs. Sommersby’s Second Chance (The Sommersby Brides Miniseries)

Genre: Historical Romance/Regency

Author: Laurie Benson

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Publisher: Harlequin Historical, Aug. 1, 2019

Pages: 288

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 4

Violence Rating: 0

Description from Amazon:

She’s played Cupid for others

Now she’s met her own unlikely match!

Part of The Sommersby Brides. Widowed society matchmaker Mrs. Clara Sommersby thinks self-made businessman William Lane is just the man for her neighbor’s overlooked daughter. He’s successful and confident, if emotionally distant, until suddenly—shockingly—his attention turns to Clara herself! She thought her days of romance were over, but is this younger man intent on giving her a second chance?

The Sommersby Brides miniseries

Book 1 — One Week to Wed

Book 2 — “One Night Under the Mistletoe” in Convenient Christmas Brides

Book 3 — His Three-Day Duchess

Book 4 — Mrs. Sommersby’s Second Chance

Although this is book #4 in the series, it is definitely a standalone read. That said, I think I might have liked it even more if I had read the first three books. Clara is a very likable character and although she is eight years older than William Lane they are an ideal match. How refreshing to see an older heroine get her romance on with a younger man. Romance blossoms in this book and the reader wears a smile through the entire 288 pages. I kept rooting for William and Clara. Side characters add just the right secondary plot.
You can’t go wrong with this delightful romance.

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