About Deetda


My name is Dot Salvagin and I’m sometimes known as Deetda (or Deet) so that is where the blog title comes from.  I live in Southwest Florida, formerly in NY in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  I’m a retired Registered Nurse.  I am an avid reader, an Amazon Vine Reviewer and I have guest posted on a few blogs. My hobbies are Acrylic Painting, cooking, museum hounding and I like to travel and especially like traveling in Europe.

Contact me: deetda2@yahoo.com

Some of my initial hopes for the blog have come about but I had always hoped for more interaction with readers and that has been missing.  But I do thank those who have routinely commented, you make my day.  Let me not dis all of you terrific Followers, THANK YOU! You are the reason this blog is still going strong.

My favorite genre is Romance and predominantly Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance and Romantic Suspense.  I do drift in to Mystery every now and then. Please feel free to use my search function to find past reviews, genres and authors.

(the photo was taken by dear, reviewer friend Wendy Loverage at the Historical Romance Retreat 2016 in Spokane, Washington)

13 responses to “About Deetda

  1. Janice

    Love your blog. This is my first for reading a blog. I must say you always impress me.
    I do really want to have you and Paul over for dinner soon, I will find a date soon. It was great visiting and catching up with you and Paul.
    Love and friendship forever,

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  2. Diana McCabe

    Hey you! I finally got around to putting up a post about your new book blog!!! Here is the link > http://bit.ly/kMybUU

    (Ummmmm — yes — I love your pic so you’re on my blog now!)

    I notice you have Loretta Chase books on here — yay!!!!!


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  3. Hi Dot! Since you have visited my blog I had to check yours out. Really love your blog. I liked that you added in True Blood. I like watching the series and of course reading the books.
    I saw that you are trying your hand at writing. I am a writer as well. Its a little slow going but its getting there. What is your genre you are going towards?


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    • Welcome Gayle! I have written two paranormal romance books that are in dire need of re-writes and editing. I have set them aside for about two months now and will go back to them hopefully with a fresh perspective. Writing has given me a new appreciation for those fab authors out there. Come by often, we are always open. 🙂


  4. Hi Dot! Thank you for dropping by my blog. I’ve had a quick look around your blog ( it’s 11:20 pm here in the UK and past my bedtime) and will certainly be back to read more of your posts and reviews.

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  5. Dot!
    Love your top picks for 2014! Some of my favorite authors as well. I live in NYC, but have a place up in the Catskills where I disappear on weekends and during the summer. I have an outdoor “office” up there where I write. I feel so lucky to have “the best of both worlds” city and country. I guess you have the same with FL in the winter, and the mountains in the summer.

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  6. Thanks for checking me out, Dot. We have a place in Elka Park which is near Hunter Mountain. Glad you liked “trash to treasure.” Next up is the regency redingote on the 13th. should be fun!


  7. Hi Deeta! I don’t know if your interested but I have just Tagged you for The Disney Book Tag. https://chicksroguesandscandals.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/disney-book-tag/


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