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Deet’s Eats- Deet’s 5 Ingredient Ravioli Casserole

I am sorry that I don’t have a photo for this recipe but it is so good and so easy that I’m sure you will forgive me.  When you try  it please come back and tell me how you liked it. Pasta and Cheese! what’s not to like?! I serve this with a green salad, garlic bread and wine.

Deet’s  5 Ingredient Ravioli Casserole
Oven: 400 F
Pan: 9×9″ square
Serves: 3-4

2-3 cups fresh baby spinach chopped roughly( I just grab 2-3 big handfuls and chop)
4 ounces fresh baby bella (cremini) mushrooms sliced
8 ounces shredded Italian blend cheeses
15-16 ounce jar of Alfredo Sauce
1 regular sized package fresh RANA(brand) ravioli, chicken and roasted garlic flavor (do not pre-cook)

1. Spray pan with cooking spray, pour 1/2 cup Alfredo sauce into pan.

2. Layer half of ravioli over sauce in pan, then sprinkle on 1/2 spinach, 1/2 cheese, 1/2 sliced mushrooms,
add 1/2 cup alfredo dolloped over the top.

3. then place the remainder of ravioli and then the spinach, mushrooms and all of the rest of the sauce.

4. Top with the remainder of the cheese and sprinkle with black pepper.

5. Do Not Cover bake for 25-30 minutes at 400 F degrees, until hot and bubbly and cheese starts to brown.

Note: I love this with the chicken and roasted garlic ravioli so that is what I use, but if it can’t be found I suggest
getting a sausage or meat filled fresh pasta since there is enough cheese in the recipe with the Italian blend and Alfredo sauce.

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Happy New Year from Deet 2020

New Year oprah quote


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Deet



And Who was this St. Patrick? He was the saint who drove the snakes out of Ireland.


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Do You Reread Favorite Books?

Do you reread books? I mean, do you keep a book on your shelf and take it down every few months/years to read again? These are usually books that grab us in some indefinable way. They stir our emotions, define our sense of good creative writing or even teach us something new or remind of us what we already know.

I’m not big on rereading the classics. The only literary classic I can recall rereading is Harper Lee’s TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, although there may have been others. My mind is currently all wrapped around what I’ve been book-devouring for the past few years, which are vampires, romance & mystery.
I’m not too involved with rereading non-fiction. Only one book on my shelf is worn from use and that is Sister Wendy Beckett’s THE STORY OF PAINTING. This one gets hauled out when I’m having museum withdrawal.

I have so many books in my To-Be-Read pile that rereads do take a back seat, but some oldies are just too good to not take a breather with now and then.

Here are a few of my favorite rereads, grouped in genres;
Lynsay Sands’ SINGLE WHITE VAMPIRE– after being introduced to the modern take on vampires by reading the TWILIGHT series; I was thrilled to find Sand’s Argeneau vampire series. They were funny, and sexy. This book was the first I read and led me to the entire series where I simply fell in love with this fun loving vampire family. This one is still my favorite of the series.

Single White Vampire
D.B. Reynolds’ RAPHAEL– I have read this book three, maybe 4, times. It is a wonderful combination of THE GODFATHER (or GOODFELLAS) and very sexy, romantic vampires. The entire Vampire’s In America Series is rereadable for me for I love scary vampires who wreak pheromones. Not to discount the fabulous wordsmithing of Reynolds.


Lara Adrian’s MIDNIGHT BREED SERIES– Okay, I have not reread all of these yet but I will because this is the penultimate vampire brotherhood ( sorry J.R. Ward fans). In this series there is lots of action and lots of suspense and LOTS of romance. I just need some free read time to start on these again.

Midnight breed series

Linda Howard’s KILL AND TELL-(Romantic Suspense) What can I say, this has one of the longest seductions in any book I’ve read. The over the top Alpha male (like most of Howard’s heroes) is so good that the heroine doesn’t realize she’s been seduced until it is wa-a-ay too late. Add to that delight, the steamy description of the wet New Orleans setting and I am transported. And it has a very suspenseful A+ plot.


Historical Romance:
Mary Balogh’s A MATTER OF CLASS– talk about delightful!!! This is one of my favorite Historical Romances and probably the shortest book I’ve read. I can’t say more because I would not want to spoil it for you.

Lisa Kleypas’ Suddenly You- Wow! a perfect book boyfriend in Jack. But let me not forget the stunning Wallflower Series, four books of sheer delight. The Hathaway Series is also totally absorbing.


Julia Quin’s Bridgerton Series- A fabulous family with each sibling getting a HEA.

The Duke and I


I have trouble rereading mysteries because on the second read I already know “whodunit”. But I have read some again because I like the author and I am impatient for their next book. Those would be Harlan Cobin, Charlaine Harris’ Aurora Teagarden series, Kathrine Hall’s The Body in The… series.
Perhaps if you pick up one of the books I have mentioned you will get hooked on a few rereads too. Or am I preaching to the choir? Do you have favorite rereads? Tell me about them. Have you reread a book that didn’t hold-up to your expectations?

(Parts of this post is reposted from an earlier post.)


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Deet’s Computer Woes

computer frustrated_older_woman-_laptop_72x800pxOthers brag to me that they are still using Windows 7 or some other relic from 1999. I think I’m the Typhoid Mary of Computer Crashes. Yet another hard drive has gone to the great beyond. This is the second computer to crash due to busted hard drive in 6 years. I have purchased a new laptop and should be up to my old tricks soon enough. Good Grief!


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Merry Christmas From Deet

Christmas day

Today we are happy to celebrate the holiday with neighbors who will arrive for a roast beef dinner and lots of good cheer.  Wishing you all a very

Merry Christmas


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Merry Christmas Eve from Deet

Dollhouse living room

This is a dollhouse I made several (like back in the 80’s) years ago.  I made the chairs, sofa and even the tree.  It was so much fun . I hope you have fun times to look back at today.  Sleep well, Santa comes tonight.

santa-claus-old guy

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Some Thoughts and Some Suggestions: Audiobooks

I have been listening to Audiobooks lately. They are not new to me but during the last few weeks I’ve become quite addicted to them. I tend to like the male narrators much better than the females. That said, Julia Whelan is just astonishing, she is the author and narrator (performer) of the book My Oxford Year. It is truly a terrific book and performance. I have had discussions with audio-listener friends who really love the good female narrators like Rosalyn Landor and Kate Reading but for me they just can’t perform the male voices to my liking.

Now when it comes to the male narrators (performers), Alex Wyndham is the one who gets A+ for his narration of the Lucinda Brandt and Stella Riley books. I also give high marks to Tim Campbell narrating Christi Caldwell books and Nicholas Boulton narrating Laura Kinsale’s Flowers From the Storm. They all do justice to the female voices and can do different voices for all the book’s characters, it is like listening to a play or movie without the visual, of course.

Becoming a member of Audible online is not cheap. It costs $14.95/month and for that you get one free? book and some shorter “Audible Originals”. I have been picking up books at reduced rates by watching for deals bundled with a Kindle book purchase. If you keep your eyes out you can score an audiobook for as little as $1.99, but more often $7.49. That is much less expensive than the $20-$25 cost of many audiobooks.

I recently took advantage of an Audible offer that gives me a 3 month membership for $6.95/month with the option to cancel any time. I’m taking advantage by getting some of my pricey-ist books during this member period.

Here are some of the Historical Romance (and one Contemporary) audiobooks that rate 5-stars with me:




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Deet’s Bucket list for 2018




Yes, that’s me about 18 months ago. Before my year of a health crisis. But I got through it and now it’s time to get to my bucket list. There is nothing like a close call to wake one up to the fact that our time on earth is not infinite. I’m going to travel with my husband. We are going to Europe, then to England and Scotland. Along the way I hope to see old and new friends. I have a ” live in the moment ” attitude since my wake up call. I encourage all my friends and followers to enjoy each day and live it to the fullest.


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Happy New Year


For all my friends, followers and dear family…Happy New Year!!

May our year be filled with good health and an abundance of happiness.


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