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This page will hold my favorite reads.  Some will be old ones and some fairly new.  I will sort them into the year that I read them and add to them if I think of more.  If you want to read the review all you need do is type the author’s name in the search box on the left column.

 Favorite Reads of 2018 (All 5 stars and published this year unless otherwise indicated)

Historical Romance 2018

  1. A Scandal By Any Other Name by Kimberly Bell
  2. A Bachelor Establishment by Isabella Barclay (audiobook) narrator-Anna Bentinck
  3. The Sins of Lord Lockwood by Meredith Duran (4.5)
  4. No Earls Allowed by Shana Galen
  5. A Rogue Of Her own by Grace Burrowes
  6. What A Highlander’s Got To Do by Sabrina York (4.5)
  7. A Devil of A Duke by Madeline Hunter
  8. Someone to Care by Mary Balogh  (4.5)
  9. Dangerous by Minerva Spencer
  10. Mary B. by Katherine J. Chen
  11. The Duke With The Dragon Tattoo by Kerrigan Byrne
  12. The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society by Shaffer and Barrows
  13. (Audio)To Tempt A Scoundrel by Christi Caldwell, performed by Tim Campbell
  14. Barbarous by Minerva Spencer
  15. My One and Only Duke by Grace Burrowes
  16. (Novella)Once Upon A Christmas Eve by Elizabeth Hoyt
  17. A Holiday by Gaslight: A Victorian Christmas Novella by Mimi Matthews
  18.  How the Dukes Stole Christmas by  Dare, MacLean,  Jordan & Shupe (4.5)
  19. The Good The Bad and The Duke by Janna MacGregor
  20. The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer (pub.1950’s)


Contemporary Romance 2018

  1. Still Me by Jojo Moyes
  2. I Wrote This Book Because I Love You by Tim Kreider (essays)
  3. Hot In Hellcat Canyon by Julie Anne Long
  4. Matchmaking For Beginners by Maddie Dawson
  5. Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins
  6. Consumed by J.R. Ward


Paranormal Romance, Fantasy 2018

  1. Rentless by D.B. Reynolds (4.5) novella
  2. The Stone Warriors: Gabriel by D.B. Reynolds


Favorite Reads of 2017

Contemporary Romance:

  1. On Second Thought by Kristan Higgins (5 stars)
  2. Shacking Up by Helena Hunting (5 stars)
  3. The Best of Adam Sharp (5 stars)

Historical Romance:

  1. Between The devil and The Duke by Kelly Bowen (5stars)A Season For Scandal #3
  2. The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne (5 stars) Victorian Rebels #4
  3. If The Duke Demands by Anna Harrington (5 stars) Capturing The Carlisles #1
  4. Marrying Winterborne by Lisa Kleypas (4.5 stars) The Ravenels #2
  5. A Lady’s Code of Misconduct by Meredith Duran (5 stars) Rules of the Reckless #5
  6. The Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn (4.5-5 stars) 8 books in the series

Favorite Reads of 2016

Paper and E-Books:

1.       How I Married A Marquess by Anna Harrington (The Secret Life of Scoundrels #3)

2.       The Redemption of Julian Price by Victoria Vane

3.       The Duke of Sin by Elizabeth Hoyt (Maiden Lane Series #10)

4.       Mad About The Marquess by Elizabeth Essex

5.       Once Upon A Moonlit Night by Elizabeth Hoyt

6.       The Headmaster by Tiffany Reisz

7.       The Legendary Lord by Valerie Bowman

8.       Lucifer (Vampires In America #12) by D.B. Reynolds

9.       The Dare and The Doctor by Kate Noble

10.   Campbell’s Redemption by Sharon Cullen

11.   Duke of Pleasure (Maiden Lane #11) by Elizabeth Hoyt

12.   Twas The Night Before Scandal by Christi Caldwell and Eva Devon (Two Novellas)

13.   A Match Made in Mistletoe by Anna Campbell

14.   The Cyn and Raphael Novellas (Vampires In America) by D.B. Reynolds


1.       The Parfit Knight (Rockliffe #1) by Stella Riley, audiobook, Alex Wyndham narrator

2.       The Mesalliance (Rockliffe #2) by Stella Riley, audiobook, Alex Wyndham narrator

3.       The Player By Stella Riley, audiobook, Alex Wyndham narrator

4.       The Rogue’s Wager(Sinful Brides #1) by Christi Caldwell, Tim Campbell narrator

5.       Flowers From The storm by Laura Kinsale, Nicholas Boulton narrator

Favorite Reads of 2015 (those in red were published this year)

Historical Romance:

1/1/2015-Scandal by Carolyn Jewel, 5*’s

1/12/2015- Secrets of A Scandalous Heiress by Theresa Romain, 4.5*’s

1/14/2015- An Affair Downstairs by Sherri Browning, 5*’s

2/06/2015-Earls Just Want To Have Fun by Shana Galan, 4.5*’s

2/18/2015-Once a Wallflower, At Last His Love by Christi Caldwell, 5*’s

3/09/2015-Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid by Suzanne Enoch, 5*’s

3/12/2015- Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover by Sarah MacLean, 5*’s

3/20/2015- The Temporary wife by Mary Balogh, 5*’s

4/07/2015- The Duke’s Disaster by Grace Burrowes, 5*’s

4/13/2015- A Desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley, 5*’s

4/20/2015- The Viscount Who Lived Down The Lane by Elizabeth Boyle, 4.5*’s

4/27/2015- The Duke of Andelot by Delilah Marvelle, 5*’s

5/04/2015-A Good Rogue is Hard To Find by Kelly Bowen, 5*’s

5/14/2015-50 Ways to Ruin a Rake by Jade Lee, 4.5*’s

5/26/2015- Dearest Rogue by Elizabeth Hoyt, 4.5*’s

6/16/2015- Four Nights With A Duke by Eloisa James, 4.5*’s

7/01/2015- The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation by Erica Ridley, 5*’s

7/31/2015- The Earl Claims a Bride by Amelia Grey, 5*’s

7/13, 14, 16, 20, 23/2015- The Wallflower Series by Lisa Kleypas (re-read), 5*’s

8/4/2015-Tremaine’s True Love by Grace Burrowes, 5*’s

8/21/2015-You’re The Earl That I want by Kelly Bowen, 5*’s

8/27/2015-A Lady’s Guide To Skirting Scandal by Kelly Bowen (short story), 5*’s

9/22/2015- Some Like It Scot by Susanne Enoch, 4.5*’s

10/26/2015-Daniel’s True Desire by Grace Burrowes, 5*’s

11/9/2015-Merry Christmas Mrs. Robinson by Delilah Marvelle, 5*’s

11/17/2015-Lady of Intrigue by Sabrina Darby, 4.5*’s

11/25/2015-Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt, 5*’s

11/30/2015-Dukes Are Forever by Anna Harrington, 5*’s

12/4/2015-One Rogue At A Time by Jade Lee, 5*’s

12/16/2015- Once Upon A Marquess by Courtney Milan, 4.5*’s

12/18/2015-Reason To Wed by Heather Boyd, 5*’s

Time Travel Romance:

2/12/2015-Intertwine by Nichole Van, 5*’s

6/19/2015-A Slip in Time by Kathleen Kirkwood, 5*’s


Contemporary romance:

2/3/2015- Rough Rider by Victoria Vane, 5*’s

6/08/2015-Sweet Filthy boy by Christina Lauren (New Adult), 4.5*’s

9/11/2015- A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev, 4.5*’s

9/13/2015-Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave, 4.5*’s

9/25/2015- A Bollywood Bride by Sonali Dev, 5*’s

Romantic Suspense:

5/22/2015- Behind The Mask by Carolyn Crane, 5*’s

Paranormal Romance:

3/27/2015- Deception by D.B. Reynolds, 5*’s

10/19/2015- Shifter Planet by D.B. Reynolds, 5*’s

11/18/2015-Christian by D.B. Reynolds, 5*’s


Favorite Reads of 2014 (those highlighted in red were published this year)

Romantic Suspense:

1/15/2014- Off The Edge (The Associates Series, book #2) by Carolyn Crane, 5*’s

2/05/2014- Kill And Tell by Linda Howard (re-read), 5*’s

6/04/2014- Just One Night by Kyra Davis (erotic), 5*’s

7/18/2014-Into The Shadows(The Associates, bk#3) by Carolyn Crane, 5*’s


Historical Romance:

1/09/2014- Douglas by Grace Burrowes (Lonely Lords Series) 4.5*’s

2/10/2014- What The Groom Wants by Jade Lee, 4.5*’s

2/17/2014- Romancing The Duke by Tessa Dare (Bk #1, Castles Everafter Series), 4.5*’s

3/05/2014- David by Grace Burrowes (final book, Lonely Lords Series) 4.5*’s

3/10/2014- The Luckiest Lady In London by Sherry Thomas, 5*’s

3/12/2014- Fool Me Twice by Meredith Duran, 5*’s

4/09/2014- Between The Devil and Ian Eversea by Julie Anne Long(Pennyroyal Green Series, bk#9)4.5*’s

4/11/2014- Three Weeks With Lady X by Eloisa James, 4.5*’s

4/14/2014- The Scandalous Love of a Duke by Jane Lark, 4.5*’s

4/16/2014- To Charm a Naughty Countess by Theresa Romain, 4.5*’s

6/16/2014-Lady Wild: A Wicked Games Novella by Maire Claremont, 5*’s

7/04/2014-The Captive by Grace Burrowes, (book #1, The Captive Hearts Series), 4.5*’s

7/14/2014-This Wicked Gift by Courtney Milan (reissue enhanced edition novella), 5*’s

7/21/2014-The Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan, 5*’s

7/25/2014-Rogue With A Brogue (Scandalous Highlanders, bk#2) by Suzanne Enoch, 4.5*’s

7/28/2014-The Fall of Lady Grace by Julia London, 4.5*’s

8/11/2014-The Traitor by Grace Burrowes, (book#2 The Captive Hearts Series),4.5*’s

8/22/2014-What A Duke Dares by Anna Campbell, 4.5*’s

9/08/2014-Talk Sweetly To Me by Courtney Milan, (last in The Brothers Sinister Series), 5*’s, Novella

10/06/2014- Season For Desire by Theresa Romain, 4.5*’s

10/10/2014-What a Lady Needs For Christmas by Grace Burrowes, (Holiday), 5*’s

11/10/2014-Rogue Spy by Joanna Bourne, 5*’s

12/04/2014-Tim Crachet’s Christmas Carol by Jim Piecuch, 4.5*’s, (Holiday)



11/06/2014- Christmas Brides by Suzanne Enoch, Alexandra Hawkins, Elizabeth Essex, Valerie Bowman, 4.5*’s


Contemporary Romance:

3/14/2014- The Best Man by Kristan Higgins (Blue Heron Series, bk #1) 4.5*’s

4/02/2014-Waiting On You by Kristan Higgins (Blue Heron Series), 4.5*’s

4/07/2014- Afterburn and Aftershock by Sylvia Day, 4.5*’s

5/28/2014- Forgotten by Catherine MacKenzie, 4.5*’s

6/11/2014-The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins(Blue Heron Series, bk #2) 4.5*’s

8/06/2014-Truly by Ruthie Knox, 4.5*’s

9/30/2014-In Your Dreams by Kristan Higgins, (Blue Heron series), 4.5*’s


Mystery and/or Thriller:

1/06/2014- In The Bleak Midwinter (Claire ferguson/Russ Van Alstyne Mystery, book #1)by Julia Spencer-Fleming, 4.5*’s


General Fiction and Literature:

1/22/2014- Under The Wide And Starry Sky by Nancy Horan, 5*’s

2/24/2014- What Nora Knew by Linda Yellin, 5*’s

3/24/2014– Hidden by Catherine McKenzie, 4.5*’s


Paranormal Romance and Fantasy

8/05/2014-Crave The Night by Lara Adrian, (Book#12, The Midnight Breed Series), 5*’s

10/13/2014-Unforgiven by D.B. Reynolds, 5*’s

11/01/2014-Vincent by D.B. Reynolds,(Vampires In America Series), 5*’s

Favorite Reads of 2013 (Those hi-lighted in red were published this year)

Historical Romance:

1/7/2013- The Runaway Duke- by Julie Anne Long (2004), 4.5*’s

2/6/2013- One Good Earl Deserves A Lover- by Sarah MacLean, 5*’s

2/272013- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, 5*’s

3/4/2013- The Proposition by Judith Ivory, 4.5*’s

3/18/2013- Lord of Darkness (Bk#5, Maiden Lane Series)by Elizabeth Hoyt, 4.5*’s

3/20/2013-The Lady Always Wins by Courtney Milan, 5*’s

5/6/2013-The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley, 5*’s

5/30/2013-Any Duchess Will Do by Tessa Dare, 5*’s

7/15/2013-Winning A Bride by Jade Lee, 4.5*’s (novella, Bridal Favors Series)

7/19/2013-The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan, 5+*’s

7/22/2013-The Marquess of Cake by Heather Hiestand, 4.5*’s

7/26/2013-The Taming of Ryder Cavenaugh by Stephanie Laurens, 4.5*’s

7/29/2013-Untie My Heart by Judith Ivory, 5*’s

8/28/2013-The Arrangement by Mary Balogh, 4.5*’s

8/30/2013-It Happened One Midnight by Julie Anne Long, 5*’s(Pennyroyal Green Series)

9/03/2013-The Sheik Retold by Victoria Vane and E.M. Hull, 5*’s

9/04/2013-The Secret Diary of Lady Catharine Bexley by Viveka Portman, 4.5*’s

9/18/2013-Romancing Lady Stone by Delilah Marvelle , 4.5*’s(novella)

11/11/2013-Duke of Midnight (#6 Maiden Lane Series) by Elizabeth Hoyt, 4.5*’s

11/15/2013-Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait by Grace Burrowes, 4.5*’s

11/18/2013-The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn, 4.5*’s (#3 Smythe-Smith Series)

11/22/2013- All I Want for Christmas is a Duke by Delilah Marvelle and Maire Claremont (Anthology), 4.5*’s

12/13/2013-The Heart of Christmas by Balogh, Cornick and Milan 5*’s (anthology)

12/26/2013-The Countess Conspiracy by Courtney Milan, 4.5*’s (Brother Sinister Series)

Contemporary Romance:

4/12/2013-About Last Night by Ruthie Knox, 5*’s

7/26/2013-Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich,4.5*’s

9/13/2013-The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, 5*’s

Paranormal Romance:

Contemporary PNR-

3/11/2013-Bittersweet Blood by Nina Croft, 4.5*’s

7/08/2013-Hunted by D.B. Reynolds, 5*’s(novella, Vampires In America Series)

12/11/2013- ADEN by D.B. Reynolds, 5*’s (#7 Vampires In America Series)

Historical PNR-

2/20/2013-After Midnight by teresa Medieros, 5*’s

Mystery and/or Thrillers:

5/10/2013-Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, 4.5*s

General Fiction:

8/12/2013-Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, 4.5*’s(Love story)

9/2/2013-The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes, 5*’s (Love story)

12/17/2013-The Holdout by Laurel Osterkamp 5*’s

Favorite Reads of 2012 (Those hi-lighted in red were published this year)

Historical Romance:

  • To Love a Thief- by Julie Anne Long, 5*’s
  • How The Marquess was Won- by Julie Anne Long, 5*’s
  • Beauty and the Spy- by Julie Anne Long, 4.5*’s
  • A Rogue By Any Other Name- by Sarah MacLean, 5*’s
  • Devil’s Bride- by Stephanie Laurens, Cynster Series bk #1-4.5*’s
  • The Wild child- by Mary Jo Putney, 4.5*’s
  • Lucian’s Fall-by Barbara Samuel, 5*’s
  • A Secret Love- by Stephanie Laurens, bk #5 Cynster Series-4.5*’s
  • Charlotte Collins- by Jennifer Becton, 5*’s
  • Caroline Bingley- by Jennifer Becton, 5*’s
  • Sin and Sensibility- by Suzanne Enoch, 5*’s
  • Secrets of a Proper Countess- by Lecia Cornwall, 5*’s
  • Where’s My Hero (anthology)- by J. Quinn, L. Kleypas & K. Mac Gregor, 5*’s
  • The Birthday Scandal- by Leigh Michaels, 4.5*’s
  • A Notorious Countess Confesses- by Julie Anne Long, 4.5*’s
  • No Place For A Lady- by Jade Lee, 4.5*’s
  • The Governess Affair-by Courtney Milan, 4.5*’s (novella)
  • The Duchess War-by Courtney Milan, 5*’s
  • The Runaway Duke- by Julie anne Long, 4.5*’s
  • A Kiss For Midwinter-by Courtney Milan, 4.5*’s (novella)

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Paranormal Romance/Science Fiction/Fantasy:

  • Vampires In America: The Vignettes, Vol.1- by D.B. Reynolds, 5*’s (Anthology)
  • Betrayed: A Cyn and Raphael Novella- by D.B. Reynolds, 5*’s (Vampire/erotica)
  • The Rose Garden – by Susanna Kearsley, 5*’s(Time Travel Romance)-
  • The Shadowy Horses-by Susanna Kearsley, 4.5*’s
  • Mariana-by Susanna Kearsley, 5*’s
  • The Winter Sea-by Susanna Kearsley, 4.5*’s
  • Lucas- by D.B. Reynolds, 5*’s (Vampire)


  • Need You Now- by James Grippando, 4.5*’s
  • The Key- by Simon Toyne, 5*’s

General Fiction:

  • The Sense of an Ending- by Julian Barnes, 4.5*’s
  • Arranged- by Catherine McKenzie, 5*’s


  • Paris in Love- by Eloisa James, 5*’s


  • Hearts in Darkness- by Laura Kaye, 5*’s

Contemporary Romance:

  • The Frog Prince- by Elle Lothlorien, 4.5*’s
  • Love Story- by Janine Boissard, 4.5*’s


Historical Romance:

  • A MATTER OF CLASS- by Mary Balough, 4 1/2 *’s
  • THEN CAME YOU- by Lisa Kleypas, 4 1/2*’s
  • WHAT I DID FOR A DUKE- by Julie Anne Long, 5*’s (Entire Pennyroyal green Series)
  • Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Series- 4 1/2 – 5 *’s

Urban Fantasy:

  • ON THE EDGE- by Ilona Andrews, 4 1/2 *’s
  • MIND GAMES- by Carolyn Crane, 5 *’s(BOOK 1)
  • DOUBLE CROSS- by Carolyn Crane, 5*’s(BOOK 2)
  • HEAD RUSH- by Carolyn Crane, 5*’s(BOOK 3)
  • MOON CALLED- by Patricia Briggs, 4 *’s

Science Fiction:

  • WARCHILD- by Karen Lowachee, 4 *’s
  • UNMASKED – by C J Barry, 4 *’s

Kindle Free:

  • CRIME SCENE AT CALDWELL RANCH- by B J Daniels, 4 *’s

Kindle Purchase:

HIDDEN FIRE- by Elizabeth Hunter, 41/2 *’s

Paranormal/Paranormal Romance/Fantasy:

  • JANE BITES BACK- by Michael Thomas Ford, (vampires), 5 *’s
  • TWICE BITTEN- by Chloe Neill, (Bk #3 in The Chicagoland Vampire Series), 4 1/2 *’s
  • FIRE- by Kristin Cashore, (Fantasy,romance, Young Adult), 5 *’s
  • WHITE TIGER- by Kylie Chan (Chinese gods, fantasy), 4 1/2*’s
  • THE WORLD BEFORE HER- by Deborah Weisgall, 4 1/2*’s
  • HOUNDED- by Kevin Hearne, 4 1/2*’s (Fantasay)
  • BEFORE EVERAFTER- by Samantha Soho, 4 1/2*’s (fantasy romance)
  • DUNCAN (book 5)- by D.B. Reynolds, 5*’s (Entire Vampires In America Series)
  • THE NIGHT CIRCUS-by Erin Morganstern, 41/2 *’s (fantasy)

Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Romantic Suspense:

  • CAUGHT- by Harlan Cobin, 5 *’s(mystery suspense)
  • CRY NO MORE- by Linda Howard, 5*’s(romantic suspense)
  • SANCTUS- by Simon Toyne, 4 1/2*’s (Thriller, Suspense)

2 responses to “Deet’s Favorite Reads Of….

  1. You might enjoy Sandra Gulland’s trilogy on Josephine Bonaparte, one of my favourite historical fiction reads.


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