About Deet’s Reviews

On this blog you will find short reviews.  I will not give you the entire plot of the book, I just figure that if you want to know the entire story you will read it for yourself. I will give you the book synopsis as found on the back-cover blurb or Amazon’s book page. I will tell you if, in my opinion, it is worth reading and if it is sexy.  Most of the books I read have some sensuality so that is almost a given.  I do have a PG-13 rating on this blog so that means I may discuss sexy themes but I will not use offensive or foul language, neither will I be explicit.  I welcome all comments on each post.

Here is how I will rate a reviewed book: All of my reviews are totally subjective.  I will be fair but I will say how the book did or did not appeal to me. If I receive a book for free from a publisher or author I will give an honest review and always tell you my source for the book.

5-stars= One of the best, Loved it

4.5 stars= Almost perfect

4-stars= A very good read

3.5-stars= Better than most

3-stars= Just okay, could have been better

2.5-stars= Disappointing

2-stars= How did this get published/ never should have been published

1-star= Did Not Finish

Sexy Rating: I will also rate books on how steamy the sex is since some do not like sexy books and others want all the heat that can be generated.  (I’m of the later category)

5+ very explicit, very erotic, may have violent sex

5-Going all the way (My fave)

4-Necking and Petting

3-A chaste kiss or two

2-All talk little action

1-Longing but no realization

0-No romance, Nothing, Nada (I don’t read too many of these)

Violence Rating: If a book contains violence I will rate it from 1-5, mild to strong.

Mild 1= spanking or slapping

In between 2, 3, 4= slightly more or less than 1 or 5.

Strong 5= torture, graphic killing, extreme descriptive violence, any killing

Authors seeking reviews, Guidelines: At this time I am not accepting author requests for reviews.  You may contact me at deetda2@yahoo.com  to see if this policy has changed or to try and talk me out of said policy. 🙂    I am not reviewing GLBT books.  My reviews will be posted on this blog, Goodreads, Amazon.com and on my Facebook page.

this page updated 5/2018.

3 responses to “About Deet’s Reviews

  1. Kathi Kelley

    Just discovered your blog (from D.B. Reynolds newsletter) and was so struck by your list of favs by year as they are very similar to my own!. Anyone who loves and rates VIA 5 or 5+ is pretty special in my book. Enjoyed the reviews that I have read so far. Have signed up for your blog. I also review on Amazon but not on the vine program. Am also retired which has given me the opportunity to read, read, read (which I love and have always done but not as much as have been able to do since I did retire). Looking forward to keeping in touch. Good week to you, Kathi

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Vivian

    I discovered your blog through your Amazon profile as you just reviewed my product (a hair dryer brush)via vine program. I am not reading often because of business. But I hope I can read more in my future life when I am not that busy. 🙂


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