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From Deet’s TBR Pile- Seven Years To Sin by Sylvia Day

Title:  Seven Years To Sin

Seven years to sin

Genre: Erotic Historical Romance

Author: Sylvia Day

Publisher: Kensington, Oct. 2013

Pages: 340

Source: purchase (available on e-reader now for $2.99)

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5++

Description from Amazon.com:

Seven years ago, on the eve of her wedding, Lady Jessica Sheffield witnessed a scene so scandalous she could not erase it from her memory. Shocked, yet strangely titillated, she nevertheless walked down the aisle into a life serene yet unremarkable. But what she kept hidden fueled wildly imaginative and very illicit dreams. . . Alistair Caulfield ran far from the temptation of the prim debutante–all the way to the West Indies. As a successful merchant, he has little in common with the rakehell youth Jessica once knew. But when newly widowed Jessica steps aboard his ship for a transatlantic passage, seven years’ worth of denied pleasures are held in check by nothing more than a few layers of silk–and the certainty that surrender will consume them both. . .


First off, I’m a huge fan of this author.  I can’t believe I’ve left this sit on my TBR pile for over two years. Sylvia Day is well known for her Crossfire Erotic Series but this book has so much more than erotica.  It delves deeply into the aftermath of child abuse and also marital physical abuse.  It is very romantic and is one of those books where you want to underline and commit passages to memory. Alistair is very flawed but very heroic.  Jessica is damaged by childhood abuse but very loving and adventurous.  Hester, Jessica’s sister is married to an abusive husband and this side story is very moving.  Yes, there is an abundance of sex in this story, but it is all relevant to the story. Accomplished writers can write good sex scenes and if you want to read a master then this is the book for you.

I really can’t rate this book high enough. I would give it a 10 if I had the chance.

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Holiday Novella Review-Kisses She Wrote by Katharine Ashe

Title:  Kisses She Wrote

Kisses She Wrote

Genre: Historical Romance/Holiday

Author: Katharine Ashe

Publisher: Avon. 2013

Pages: 176

Source: Purchase (still only $.99 for Kindle)

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from Amazon.com:

Christmas in town has never been so steamy . . .

Handsome as sin and scandalously rakish, Cam Westfall, the Earl of Bedwyr, is every young lady’s wickedest dream. Shy wallflower Princess Jacqueline of Sensaire knows this better than anyone, because her dreams are full of the breathtaking earl’s kisses. And not only her dreams—her diary, too.

But when Cam discovers the maiden’s not-so-maidenly diary, will her wildest Christmas wishes be fulfilled in its pages . . . or in his arms?


This is not a new Christmas novella but it is a well written, fun story with very much will-he-or-won’t-he realize who is his true love.  Cam reads the diary and is driven to write a poem but when he and Jacqueline are distanced he can’t finish the poem.  He realizes that with her diary she becomes his muse. This creates some humorous sneaking around to find the next hiding place of the diary.  All the while when Cam is in her presence, he is falling in love.

I found this book to be just the right length at 176 pages.  It was long enough to develop the characters which I often find missing in novellas that are shorter.  Katharine Ashe is one of my favorite authors. She has never disappointed me.  Each book she writes has a unique plot and characters as does this one.

This one is perfect for curling up with cocoa and letting all of that holiday stress just flow away.


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Review- Master of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle

Title: Master of Pleasure (The School of Gallantry, book #5)

Master of Pleasure

Genre: Historical Romance/Erotic Romance

Author: Delilah Marvelle

Publisher: Delilah Marvelle Productions, Nov. 2014

Source: purchase for e-reader

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5+

Description from Amazon.com:

WARNING: This historical romance is cotton candy with a razor on top. If you are easily offended by dirty humor and graphic sex, this book is not for you.

After Miss Leona Olivia Webster had allowed herself to fall in love with a dashing childhood friend who had left her scorned and pregnant, she is done chasing her happily-ever-after. Shunned by society, she dedicates herself to raising her young son and putting money in their pockets. She doesn’t expect to be drawn to her latest master, a brooding man of hulking presence who carves random messages into walls with his Persian blade as a means of starting a flirtation. Malcolm Gregory Thayer, the earl of Brayton, may have dedicated himself to a life of religious virtue after leaving the monastery due to dark tendencies, but after meeting Leona, he begins to yearn for the life that had never been his. When he meets a retired French courtesan who invites him to embrace what he has long feared, he seizes the opportunity to become the man he always wanted to be. His new mission is clear. He intends to finally serve the one thing he never had: his heart.


Right off you have to know that this book is not only sexy but it is kinky and gritty. The faint of heart will not like it. Thankfully I’m not of the faint type. It explores Malcolm’s predilection for pleasure produced by pain. His guilt and his coming to grips with his “affliction”. Leona falls in love with Malcolm and struggles to understand this brooding, often gruff man with a kind heart.

This series has been often surprising and at times disturbing but always, always entertaining. Ms. Marvelle writes intriguing stories with superbly sensual nuances as well as characters with fiery, passionate, and sometimes shameful secrets. In this story Malcolm tries to cope with powerful emotional conflict. He is not always admirable but we do sympathize with his emotional pain.

It is not necessary to read the series from the beginning to enjoy this book but you will derive a better understanding of the School of Gallantry if you do start from the beginning.


Book 1, Mistress of Pleasure

Book 2, Lord of Pleasure

Book 3, Lady of Pleasure

Book 3.5, Romancing Lady Stone

Book 4, Night of Pleasure

Book 5, Master of Pleasure

THE FINALE, Book 6, The Duke of Andelot

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Two Novellas for $1.99 from D.B. Reynolds

You guys know I don’t do promos…okay, so I do a promo now and then.  But this series by D. B. Reynolds, Vampires In America Series, I have been over the moon about since book #1 (Raphael). In just 4 days a new novella geared to the series will be available but right now there are two available for only $1.99 each, Hunted and preorder for Unforgiven.  How can you pass that up.  These are sexy, action filled Paranormal romances with hot vampires and kick-ass heroines. Always Standalone stories, but read these and you will want to start at the beginning for more hot romance and sexy vampires and to immerse yourself in the world of Vampires In America.  If you haven’t yet read this series this is a great way to get a taste.

Hunted by D.B. Reynolds (from Dec. 2013) $1.99 on Kindle available now


94 pages

POWER, it comes down to this . . . those who have it, those who want it. REVENGE, the need for it is a fire in the soul, a goad for the unwise. HUNTED, the fate of the foolish when they think to become the hunter. Power . . . Revenge . . . Hunted. The Lord of the Midwest is dead, and the powerful vampires of North America are gathering to choose his successor. The Vampire Council will be there to oversee the competition—each of them focused on keeping the violence to a bloody minimum, including Raphael, who will do whatever it takes to ensure the victor is a vampire he can trust. But someone is hunting, determined to stop Raphael and his mate, Cyn, from ever reaching Chicago. Soon, the hunter may become . . . the hunted.

(here is a link to my review of Hunted: https://ladeetdareads.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/giveaway-review-hunted-by-d-b-reynolds )



Unforgiven by D.B. Reynolds (available on October 10, 2014)

$1.99 on Kindle pre-order available


86 pages

ALLEGIANCE . . . the ties that bind. Friendship, duty, blood. TREACHERY . . . when friendship is abused, duty turns to burden, and blood is not enough. UNFORGIVEN . . . because there are some things that can never be forgotten. Allegiance . . . Treachery . . . Unforgiven. War is imminent, and a spy has infiltrated Raphael’s estate. But his target is not Raphael; it’s his sister, Alexandra, whose earlier duplicity nearly cost Cyn her life. Raphael and Cyn are determined to play the spy’s game, traveling to Mexico to discover who their enemy is and just how far he’ll go to win. But once Raphael finds his sister, can he take the chance that she won’t betray him again?

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Review- Bound By Night by Larrisa Ione

Title:  Bound By Night


 Genre: Paranormal Romance

Author: Larrisa Ione

Publisher: Pocket Books, Sept. 2013

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from the author’s website:

A WOMAN OUT FOR BLOOD Nicole Martin was only eight years old when the vampire slaves rose up in rebellion and killed her family. Now she devotes her life to finding a vaccine against vampirism, hoping to wipe out her memories—along with every bloodsucker on the planet. But there’s one thing she cannot destroy: her searing, undeniable attraction for the one man she should hate and fear the most . . .

A VAMPIRE OUT FOR REVENGE A member of the renegade vampire MoonBound Clan, Riker is haunted by demons of his own. When he recognizes Nicole and remembers how her family enslaved his loved ones, his heart burns for vengeance. But when he kidnaps Nicole and holds her in a secret lair, his mortal enemy becomes his soul obsession, his greatest temptation, and, perhaps, his only salvation—a hot-blooded lover who could heal him with her touch . . . or bury him forever.


Riker is an 89 year old vampire who looks 29. He is second in command at his clan Moonbound.  He is tormented by the loss 20 years ago of his mate, Terese, and her unborn child.  So when he kidnaps Nicole because she is a member of the family who destroyed his family, and she can gain his clan leverage with another clan, he has no understanding of why he is so attracted to her.  Nicole is also attracted to Riker and she questions if she has Stockholm Syndrome.  There is plenty of action that comes into play as Nicole tries to escape and predators abound.

Larissa Ione has written a novel of action, violence and romance set in what appears to be our world populated by humans and vampires. This new world is one where humans have enslaved vampires but renegade clans of vampires hide in the deep woods.  Some of these clans are modern with all the trappings of modern society except that they live underground in caves and caverns. Other clans are nearly primitive, also living in caves but in filth and lacking a social conscience. This diversity creates animosity, and wars often break out between the vampire clans. Still, the biggest threat to vampires is the humans.

Having practically devoured Larissa Ione’s Demonica Series, I don’t know how I missed the release of this the first book in her Moonbound Clan Series.  But even though I’ve come to it half a year late(3/4 to be more precise), I enjoyed every minute of these non-sparkly vampires and the human who joins them.  Now I don’t have forever to wait for the next book in the series CHAINED BY NIGHT, coming in September.


I have to give Ms. Ione credit for using this cover model god, Coby Lefebvre.  (He does add a little spice to this review, Hm-m?)

sexy man Coby Lefebvre


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Review- The Best Man by Kristan Higgins

Title:  The Best Man (Blue Heron, book #1)

The Best Man

 Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Author: Kristan Higgins

Publisher:  Harlequin, HQN, 2013

Source: Free for review from the Amazon Vine Program

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from Amazon.com:

Sometimes the best man is the one you least expect…

Faith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar. Now a little older and wiser, she’s ready to return to the Blue Heron Winery, her family’s vineyard, to confront the ghosts of her past, and maybe enjoy a glass of red. After all, there’s some great scenery there….

Like Levi Cooper, the local police chief—and best friend of her former fiancé. There’s a lot about Levi that Faith never noticed, and it’s not just those deep green eyes. The only catch is she’s having a hard time forgetting that he helped ruin her wedding all those years ago. If she can find a minute amidst all her family drama to stop and smell the rosé, she just might find a reason to stay at Blue Heron, and finish that walk down the aisle.


This is my first Kristan Higgins book.  Yes, I know, I had my head in the sand but in my own defense, I was having trouble with the Contemporary Romance genre.  I kept reading books in that genre that just left me “meh” or “blah” or “good grief why?”.  Obviously, I did not read the right authors.  Because when I finished this book I immediately picked up book #2 in this series, The Perfect Match, (Don’t you just love it when there are a bunch of books in a series already written and you don’t have to wait for the next one?).  Now back to The Best Man:

Levi is alpha all the way, which is very important to Faith since she had a years long romantic relationship with a man who left her at the altar, Levi’s best friend. Levi and Faith never liked each other.  Levi thought her a rich, goody two shoes and she thought Levi just a royal PIA who ruined her wedding.  Opposites attract.

Kristan Higgins gives us a mix of laugh out loud moments along with emotional teary scenes.  Her dialog is so spot on that it is like listening to your own family argue or maybe your own inner dialog.  Faith’s delightful, if slightly dysfunctional, but more normal than not, family is well characterized and will provide protagonists for future books in the series.   Other side characters are also book worthy.  The sexual tension was pronounced between Faith and Levi although neither initially wanted to admit that there was an attraction and once acted on they were having trouble understanding how to deal with friends and family who knew.  Delightfully portrayed!

Yes, I really liked this book and the very real feeling of the characters.  The writing was terrific.  If like me you have yet to be seduced by Contemporary Romance books, then I highly recommend this book to start your affair.

Kristan Higgins Book List in Order

Fools Rush In
Catch of the Day
Just One of the Guys
Too Good To Be True
The Next Best Thing
All I Ever Wanted
My One and Only
Until There Was You
Somebody To Love *

The Best Man (Blue Heron #1)
The Perfect Match (Blue Heron #2)
Waiting On You (Blue Heron #3)
In Your Dreams (Blue Heron #4)



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Review- The Luckiest Lady In London by Sherry Thomas

Title: The Luckiest Lady In London

The Luckiest Lady In London

 Genre:  Historical Romance/Victorian

Author: Sherry Thomas

Publisher: Penguin, 2013

Source: Purchase

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from Amazon.com:

Felix Rivendale, the Marquess of Wrenworth, is The Ideal Gentleman, a man all men want to be and all women want to possess. Even Felix himself almost believes this golden image. But underneath is a damaged soul soothed only by public adulation.

Louisa Cantwell needs to marry well to support her sisters. She does not, however, want Lord Wrenworth—though he seems inexplicably interested in her. She mistrusts his outward perfection, and the praise he garners everywhere he goes. Still, when he is the only man to propose at the end of the London season, she reluctantly accepts.

Louisa does not understand her husband’s mysterious purposes, but she cannot deny the pleasure her body takes in his touch. Nor can she deny the pull this magnetic man exerts upon her. But does she dare to fall in love with a man so full of dark secrets, any one of which could devastate her, if she were to get any closer?


Can a push-pull, cat and mouse, game of lust and seduction lead to a happily ever after? The game that Louisa and Felix play is not for the faint of heart.  It is full of lies and machinations and one up-manship.  All this is deftly handled by the superb writing of author Sherry Thomas.

Deliciously clever dialog underscores the sizzling sexual tension that vibrates between the protagonists.  This story is all about the manipulations devised by the hero and heroine.  They have made love into a competition.   Ms Thomas deftly handles the characterization of Felix and Louisa so that we not only understand their dispositions and moral fiber, or lack thereof, but we sympathize with them also.   Side characters play only very minor roles.

I highly recommend this book to all romance readers.


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Deet’s Life- The Book Lover’s Journal

I got a new handy-dandy journal for Christmas.  Well, okay, I kinda bought it for myself but I usually love the gifts I give moi. It’s called THE BOOK LOVER’S JOURNAL, and I got it at my local Barnes and Noble store for $14.99 and a 25% off coupon so it only cost a measly $11.24 …yes, it is a bit overpriced but I wanted it (whinning here).  It measures 41/2″x71/2″x3/4″and it is published by Peter Pauper Press ( a total misnomer considering the price)……. here is a photo:


It has pages to log in the books that you read:

book journal log

It has pages for all sorts of information, like titles and info about the book, TBR pages, book club pages, etc.  Here is a photo of the contents page:

book journal contents


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Review- A Devil Named DeVere by Victoria Vane

Title:  A Devil Named DeVere

A Devil Named DeVere

 Genre: Historical Erotic Romance

Author: Victoria Vane

Publisher:  Vane Publishing LLC, 2013

Source:  Free for Review from the author

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5+

Description from Amazon.com:

When burned once… Beautiful, respectable, and dutiful, Diana Palmerston-Wriothesley was resigned to her decade-long loveless and childless marriage to a feckless husband until a dire discovery shatters her life.

By an old flame… A master of seduction, Viscount Ludovic, “The Devil” DeVere, is accustomed to taking what he wants heedless of the cost until encountering a woman who won’t be had at any price–at least not until a dark secret compels her to seek aid and comfort in this devil’s arms. What begins as an all-consuming passion becomes a true devil’s bargain when circumstances beyond their control drive the lovers irrevocably apart.

Fire is best fought with fire…Four years later, DeVere is world-weary and bored with his life of debauchery when Diana unexpectedly reappears. Although both believe the former inferno has been reduced to bitterness and ashes, their chance reunion proves otherwise. With their passion reignited to undeniable ferocity, DeVere is hell-bent to lure Diana back into his bed… while she is equally determined to bring him to his knees.


This is a bundled and reedited version of books #3,4 &4.5 in The Devil Devere Series. It is a standalone novel with enough background from books #1 &#2 so as not to leave any doubts about what went before.  However you may want to read #1 & #2 for more of Victoria Vane’s terrific writing.

Ludovic, Viscount DeVere is a rake.  He lives a hedonistic lifestyle and is totally non-apologetic about his actions.  Set in the decadent Georgian era of Britain, the author brings to life the steamy and seamier side of aristocratic mores.  Diana, Baroness Palmerston-Wriothesley is an upstanding married woman who after receiving a terrible shock allows herself to be seduced by Ludovic.  Although true love may be in the offing, there are complications that keep the lovers apart for years.

Ludovic “Devil” DeVere is not a nice man.  He is rather all wrapped up in himself and in his pleasures.  Even when he is doing the right thing by Diana he is thinking of himself.  Diana made a mistake by falling for the rake and now finds it impossible to resist him even when she knows it is not in her best interest to capitulate.  DeVere is a difficult hero to like although he does redeem himself in the end.  Diana’s lack of ability to stand up for herself and resist his manipulation does not make her the ideal heroine.  That said, these two characters are made for each other.

Ms Vane can write sex scenes that positively combust off the page (or in my case melt the circuits in my Kindle).  She has a knack of bringing the late Georgian era to life and her dialog puts the reader right back in the midst of the 1700’s. Her superbly nuanced characters leap off the page to become real human beings. She has the ability to infuse personalities in all characters, including minor side characters.  Her grasp of the historical details of the period is spot on.

I recommend this book to all HR fans but please note that there is explicit sex scenes and many of them.


A Wild Night’s Bride #1
The Virgin Huntress#2
The Devil You Know #3
The Devil’s Match #4
A Devil’s Touch #4.5

Jewel of the East #5 available now
Devil in the Making #1
The Trouble with Sin #2

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Review- Off The Edge by Carolyn Crane

Title: Off The Edge (The Associates book#2)

Off The Edge

 Genre: Romantic Suspense

Author: Carolyn Crane

Publisher: Kindle

Source: Free for review from the author

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from Amazon.com:

For deadly secret agent Peter Macmillan, language is a weapon—one he uses to hunt criminals, destroy plots, and charm enemies. Seducing information out of a beautiful singer in a Bangkok hotel should be easy…except this particular singer has the power to destroy his cool façade, and with it, his last defense against a dark past.

He tricked her. He helped himself to her body and her secrets. He has enemies everywhere. Laney Lancaster should hate Peter, but when she discovers him shirtless, sweaty, and chained up in the hotel’s dungeon, all she can think about is freeing him. Because she knows what it’s like to be trapped and alone. And she could use a dangerous friend.

They might be wrong for each other, but the instant they join forces, Laney and Peter are plunged into an odyssey of hot sex and dark danger. To survive, they must trust each other with their lives—and their hearts.


Woo-Hee! Hang on to something solid cause this novel is a thriller and it leaves you breathless in it’s wake.

Laney is naïve and beautiful.  Peter is hunky and oh so dangerous.  Because she is naïve, she continues to try and help Peter when his purpose is to keep her clear of his job as a linguistic, hot, dangerous, warrior spy.  Peter might have been able to get his job done quicker and with less personal injury if Laney had just left him alone but then the reader would have been robbed of all those great moments when she refused to leave him be.

The book starts off with a bang when we feel the terror that Laney experiences when she feels her hiding as been compromised.  She feels something is about to come crashing down but those around her are continually reassuring her that all is well.  All except Peter who is the one who tells her to follow her gut instinct.  The pace picks up even more until we are turning pages faster and faster.  The tension builds and the action is nonstop.  The chemistry between Laney and Peter is smokin’ and they do take time out to explore that, but then it is flat out full steam ahead with more action, violence and blood.

This is a standalone novel in Crane’s Associates Series.

Deet’s Caveat: This novel contains strong violence and torture scenes as well as explicit sex.


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