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Recent Release Review- The Art of Taming A Rake by Nicole Jordan

Title:  The Art of Taming A Rake (A Legendary Lovers Book #4)

The art of taming a rake

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Nicole Jordan

Publisher: Ballantine, Jan. 26, 2016

Pages: 416

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from Amazon.com:

Sparks abound in this sizzling new Legendary Lovers tale from New York Times bestselling author Nicole Jordan, in which a seductive rakehell must woo his spirited but love-shy bride while unmasking a mysterious assailant.   Despite his notorious reputation, Quinn Wilde, Earl of Traherne, has mostly honorable intentions. So when beautiful Venetia Stratham boldly enters a gentlemen’s club, demanding that Quinn stop courting her sister, he does what any bachelor would do: He kisses her. With her sharp wit, intoxicating passion, and surprising vulnerability, Venetia is irresistible—except for all this nonsense about threatening to shoot Quinn. But when clandestine enemies make an actual attempt on the earl’s life, Venetia is implicated. To save her good name, Quinn does what any true gentleman must do: He proposes.   Thus Venetia finds herself wed to arrogant, wickedly sensual Quinn, whose devilish ways are as legendary as his rumored skills as a lover. Yet vexingly, her body rebels against her vow to remain immune to his many charms. If only she could reform the infuriating nobleman—without diminishing his undeniable allure. As Venetia discovers that a true rake is hard to tame, Quinn faces an even greater challenge: winning his wife’s fragile trust . . . while defending both their lives.


Venetia only wants to live an unfettered life.  All she wants is to go to France with her dear friend Cleo and pursue her sculpting where women are not scorned for pursuing the arts. Quinn has agreed that whatever she wants after the marriage is okay with him.  However Venetia did not expect that she would find her husband so alluring and we are treated to over half a book of will-she-or won’t-she succumb to his charm.

This is a book filled with light banter and lustful looks.  A happily predictable story about stubbornness and true love.  I recommend it to HR readers who want a light read that is also sexy after awhile.


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