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Review- Vlad All Over by Beth Orsoff

Title: Vlad All Over

Vlad all Over

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Author: Beth Orsoff

Publisher: Amason Publishing, 2012

Source: Free for review from Amazon Vine Program

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from amazon.com:

Gwen Andersen loves being a schoolteacher, but she isn’t exactly raking in the big bucks. With her bank account shrinking by the minute, she needs a well-paying summer job if she’s going to hold onto the childhood home she inherited from her parents. So when the father of one of her students asks her to fill in as his au pair for the summer, she knows she should be thrilled. Alexander Romanescu is loaded, and Gwen adores his daughter Isabella. Plus, they’re planning to spend the vacation at their ancestral estate—in Romania!

And yet Gwen can’t shake the nagging feeling that saying yes to this man could lead to more than she bargained for. She knows so little about him—and the idea of spending six weeks in the land of Dracula and Vlad the Impaler is more than a little creepy. But the legends of Romania will be the least of her concerns if she doesn’t make some money…fast. And so Gwen says yes: yes to the job, yes to a European excursion…and yes to a summer that will change her path forever.


This is not a book about vampires, but Vlad the Impaler, that monstrous ruler from the middle ages, does figure into the plot.  The story starts off rather like a typical Chik-Lit story but it turns much more dramatic after about 100 pages.  It is no longer Chik-Lit, this is a dramatic contemporary story of love and betrayal of friendship and trust and how life is never simple.  Just a heads up, there are some graphic descriptions of dark ages torture and mayhem that is necessary to the plot.  Beth Orsoff does a wonderful job on this original plot and her characters are real people not cartoon stick figures.  There is to be another book, with some very interesting developments, in what appears to be a series that is introduced at the back of this book.  I look forward to reading the rest of this series.



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