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Gotta love Buzzfeed’s Idea of a Merry Christmas

Um-m …yes…Tis’ the season to remember “Sexy Man Tuesday”.  Old time followers will remember and every now and then I become overcome with nostalgia for the early days of this blog.  Buzzfeed played right into this feeling. If you would like to reminisce about the good ole Tuesday posts just click on any month in 2012 in the left column or do a search in the box for Sexy Man Tuesday. For more Buzzfeed see below.


X-mas dude

And they even have a way for you to know what hunky guy you would be compatible with this holiday season.  Just click on the tiny URL below.


P.S.- Merry Christmas

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Deet’s Life- Funny moments in bookstores

Fifty shades photo bookstore

From Buzzfeed, More laughable book-fails here.


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Deet’s Life- Things to do with all those books

35 things to do with all those books from buzzfeed.com.  I wonder if I can get hubby to build me a bookcase door.  Those stairs are a little scary, but the Christmas Tree might be doable.  For more follow the URL down below the photos.35 things book door

35 things book stairs

35 things xmas tree



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