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Review- The Duke of Ice by Darcy Burke

The Duke of Ice

Title: The Duke of Ice (The Untouchables book #7)
Genre: Historical Romance
Author: Darcy Burke
Source: Free for review from the publisher
Publisher: Darcy Burke Publishing, Dec. 2017
Pages: 262
Rating: 4
Sexy rating: 5
Violence rating: 0
Description from Amazon:

Everyone Nicholas Bateman ever loved has died. Except Violet Caulfield, which must mean he never loved her. Eight years after she threw him over to marry a viscount, Nick is a widowed duke who prefers isolation. When a friend convinces him to leave his lair of self-imposed solitude, he considers taking another wife, provided she agrees to his terms: no emotional attachment of any kind.

Now widowed, Lady Violet Pendleton hopes for a second chance with the man she’s always loved. But she isn’t prepared for the desolation in his soul or the animosity he still bears toward her. Despite those obstacles, it’s clear their passion hasn’t dimmed. However, the heat between them isn’t enough to melt the Duke of Ice, and this time Violet may find herself the jilted party. Can love, once so tragically lost, finally be found?

Nick is truly a tortured soul. Violet has been drowning in guilt since she jilted him eight years ago when they accidentally meet at the house party of Violet’s friend, Hannah. They realize the spark is there but that eight years of tragedy has made them different people. We are treated to sizzling chemistry that vibrates with romantic intensity. We know that Nick and Violet belong together but Nick can be a stubborn fool. His best friend Simon, the Duke of Ruin, tries again and again to set him straight.

I thoroughly enjoyed this standalone book in this series. Ms. Burke gave Nick and Violet powerful emotional conflict along with fiery sexual tension. We get a strong look at Simon the hero of the next book in the series, THE DUKE OF RUIN.


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Recent Release Review- The Duke of Desire by Darcy Burke

The Duke of Desire

Title: The Duke of Desire (The Untouchables, book #4)

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Darcy Burke

Publisher: Darcy Burke, March 2017

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Pages: 290

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Violence Rating: 4

Description from Amazon.com:         

Ten years ago Ivy Breckenridge’s life was ruined. She had to reinvent herself, and now, after painstakingly making her own way in the world, she’s nearly forgotten the dreams of home and family she’d once nurtured. Until one man peers into her soul and awakens every one of her hidden desires. But no matter how good he makes her feel, she can’t trust him—alone by choice is better than alone by necessity. With a notorious reputation for training married women in the art of passion, Sebastian Westgate, Duke of Clare, is reviled by some and celebrated by others. He doesn’t allow anyone close enough to see past his charming exterior. When Ivy uncovers the man beneath, the seducer is suddenly the seduced. Enraptured by her mind and spirit, he wants more but revealing his darkest secrets is a price he won’t pay.


Here is a yummy romance not to be missed.  We have a Regency style sex-therapist in the guise of the Duke of Clare, and yes that sounds a bit strange but trust me it all works in the hands of this terrific author.  Then we have a ladies’ companion, Ivy, who has a scandalous past but is totally charmed by the Duke.

This is the first book I have read in this series and I was not lost.  Characters from the previous books make appearances but all is well explained.  However I do wish to read their stories in books 1-3.

I highly recommend this steamy, sexy, page turner to all romance aficionados.

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